Game day blog - Tigers vs Eels

The final regular season game for the Eels tonight sees them battle it out with the Tigers. There are a few unknowns in this game. What Eels team will show up? What Tigers team will show up? Will Taka in the halves be his swan song and lift the boys, because the Tigers will be throwing plenty at us with this game being Benji's and Lawrence's final game for the Tigers.

We need to win this.

Keeping the Raiders out of the top four would be sweet. 
So, who wins and by what margin?


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      • Which team do you think has the most supporters up there Brissy? Parra or Storm? Seeing Storm are half the Qld team they are probably well supported


      • I would think brissy if it turns out that it is Eels Vs Melbourne in week one that Sydney based fans with season tickets would be prepared to get tickets and send them to friends in Brisbane for face value.

    • It's either south's week2 or raiders week 2. Both formidable.

      • There is another option Blaze. We win week 1, have a bye week 2 and straight into the Grand Final Qualifier


        • Yeah that's the ideal finish parra tragic

  • Raiders are out 9 first graders

  • If Canberra lose Tigers by 8. If Canberra win Eels 12. My immediate thought on resting Field is that BA does not have another very quick half left in the club until D Brown gets back, so he is protecting Field for Semi 1 until D Brown is back for Semi 2. If Canberra lose I expect as many changes to rest key players as is possible under the rules. Lots of players aggrevate injuries/have collisions during warm up. It's not uncommon.

    • Brown will be back first semis

      • That will be a huge plus for us if so. For no other reason than for his defence. Just watching Penrith now, I think playing an old fashioned cover defending halfback or lock in defence would help negate their centre kicks when they make a break. Even if they make a break down the wings, both Penrith and Melbourne use a centre kick to find supports. I would let Gutho play the standard fullback roll but have a covering half or lock patrolling the middle (especially during a break down either flank) to catch the centre kick that you just know is going to come.


  • I think we win by 10 but it will be out in straight sets come the semis.

    The Roosters dropped that game last night (probably didn't mean to lose by such a margin) for one reason only - avoid the storm in week one. They wanted Penrith and they will absolutely flog them next week, watch.


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