Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels

Well, this is a danger game for our Eels IMO. The Sharks are on a bit of a roll with 3 wins on the trot. The Eels also have won their past 3 games, but haven't exactly been convincing.

I thought our opponents in the Bulldogs last week, were probably given less respect than they deserved, most likely as they sit at the bottom of the ladder. They put in a massive effort and lost by only 2 points. However, after watching the Storm put 40 on them last night, I'm not so sure.

The Sharks see the return of Moylan, Ramien and Dugan and if I were Parra, I'd be throwing a few big boys at Moylan as I believe that he is the most vulnerable.

The match up for me is Johnson and Moses. Johnson has been in some very good form and actually earning his wage of late. Moses has been in good form all season and will need to be on top of his game today.

For me, If we are to win this game, we need to see our backs stand up, particularly our right edge. Waqa needs to improve in most areas of his game and BA would know this.

Also, our kick pressure and line speed in general must improve on the past few weeks. The most noticeable difference I've noticed in the Eels team from early season to recent weeks is a considerable drop in line speed. I am hoping like most Eels fans that this is the game that we put in close to a 80 minute effort and Dylan Brown grabs the game by it's horns.

This should be a cracker on a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon!

So, who wins and by what margin?



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          • Arrrghhhhh!! You’re doing my reverse trick ain’t ya ??? 


    • Thoughts .....

      • I thought our energy was ok to start. Those conditions were ridiculous 

  • Sharks have shaky defence, hard to see them holding the Eels out for extended periods. Hoping to see an improved effort from the Eels building pressure with a fast start and good line speed, the points will follow. Eels 36-18. MoM Nathan brown.

  • Hope the Eels win by a huge margin. It's difficult to predict mainly due to the Eels unconvincing form. Depends which Eels team turn up. I'll say Eels by 8 points. Man of Match Gutherson.

  • Eels by 22

    MOM Jr Paulo 

  • I live in QLD and I hear there is suppoesed to be a lot of rain. Ifthis is the case then I would expect a close one. I would love to see our points differential get better with a big win. But for now a win is a win

  • To be finals contenders they have to win thi game comfortably to match roosters, storm and panthers. Eels by 10 or more but will accept a win even by 1 as a win is a win. Don't rate sharks so that is why we should win comfortably, if we are on we will win well if the team that ha played the last couple turns up could go either way. So on that note I will say eels by 16.

  • If Cronulla start well and hold the ball they will score plenty of points against just about every team. Just like I noted in a recent post, I am expecting huge points in this one.

    Cronulla 42 - 6

    MOM: Wade Graham

  • I've felt it all week, pretty much since last Sunday, that we will lose this one pretty easily and then go on our run - a smack in the face reality check if you will.

    SHARKS by 18. 

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