Here we go again, Manly vs Parra...

Another Friday night game and tonight we see our Eels take on our old rivals from the northern beaches, Manly.

Five of the 'I farking hate rainbows' seven return for Manly and the Eels have some young bloke filling in for Moses at half and I wish the young fella well.

How will the Eels go without their conductor and kicker? Not very well is my guess. Manly at home and they will be desperate to get the win and help towards making the eight. The Eels need to win this as most of their remaining games of the regular season are against teams higher placed on the ladder than Manly.

It was a big win last week against the premiers and hopefully the boys don't now drop their lollies and put in a lacklustre performance that us poor, suffering fans know they have in them.

So, who wins and by what margin?



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  • Manly by 22.

    MOM DCE.

    • MOM Dylbags!!!!

  • I think parra can win this however need early points. 
    Without moses I don't think they will be able to come from behind late in the game. 

  • We need to start well not be behind 10 points in the first 15 min and have to make a come back 

  • They say: Never lose hope, don't take away our hope. 
    In the end it is the hope that can crush you. 

    I hope that young halfback can do his job, make his tackles, make his kicks count, get out of the way when senior spine players call the ball. I hope the middle forwards roll forward and have post contact meters and i hope they have some second phase play. 
    I hope the defence in our red zone aims up and I hope our wide defence does not give up 2 men overlaps. 
    I hope Manly are disrupted, I hope the non selection of Schuster helps us as he seems to have our number. 

    In the end I expect a txt from my best mate during the game as he is a raving Manly supporter, I expect he will be flying high as sadly I expect Manly will beat us. So i will not allow myself to be crushed by hope. 

    Manly 24 Eels 6. MOM DCE. 

    • Hope what you hope!

  • Win or lose leading into the finals we need to perfect our linespeed, our kick chase , our kick pressure sustained for 80 mins and push up in support.

    All that's required for us to win a comp is for everybody in our 17 to be exemplary in off the ball football, the effort areas. 
    Extra effort to cover inside or out in defence , to get on a loose ball , to get back and cover a kick or get on the way of kick chasers.

    A concerted effort to not only do your job but help others do theirs . 
    There's more then enough talent in this football team to win a comp. We tend to be lazy off the ball and ball watch rather then put ourselves into a position to affect the result positively.

    The reason  the Eels have been so inconsistent is we're carrying too many players who are too willing to watch others or wait for others to do the work rather then be pro active themselves.

    A quiet word in a few players ears is needed to lift their game , we need 17 players playing close to their best footy to break the drought and it all starts in their heads.

    • Bup they need to do what you say here!
      Effort...they absolutely can not give their experienced halves time to place their kicks and need to pressure them constantly! It's pure laziness not to.

      and for the love of the footy gods watch them out wide! they can do us easy damage out there if we do not spread 

  • We win or lose by 10

    Close enough to not be comfortable of a win at any stage but also never feeling like we are out of the game.

    It's going to be excruciating to watch but when isn't it when you follow the mighty eels 

  • A win tonight would be huge and takes the pressure off especially going into next week v Souths - time play finals footy and be relentless for 80 minutes


    Eels by 2

    MOM Ice 

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