Game day blog - Rabbitohs vs Eels

Slightly less fat Trell returns for the bunnies tonight after being Biden's biatch during his sick leave. Will Trell have an impact on the sook of the NRL in Code D Walker? Will Cook fire up the barbecue, or will the rabbits head south further and quicker than a MAFS star's undies on wedding night?

For the Eels, Matterson is out but if the Eels are serious about a title challenge they need to win these games. The boys need to get off their line quickly, niggle Mitchell early and get in Walker's face and pressure his kicks. Their young half is low in confidence and Dylbro and Moses need to keep it that way.

It should be a great game.

So, who wins and by what margin?


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  • Rabbits by 4.

    MOM Johnson with 3 tries.

  • I saw edrick lee scored 5 tries yesterday, I wonder if Alex Johnson can top that? Bunnies by 12

    • You do know that he scored five against us a few years ago?

      • Ok, no I didn't know that.

  • Wet as fuck shit......

    Rabbits by 10.


    • Haha latrell mom? He will be gassed in the 5th minute. 

      • Nah, he's looking as fit as he's ever been apparently 🤣

        • Likely Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers sponsor him on deal to lose weight . I doubt he would have lost weight by exercising .

  • A lot will come down to who deals with the conditions better. If the Eels turn up and play a tough, wet weather type game, they should have too much for the bunnies.

    Eels by 2, MOM Paulo

  • Hate to say it but Rabbits by plenty. 20+

    Johnson 4 tries and MOM


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