Slightly less fat Trell returns for the bunnies tonight after being Biden's biatch during his sick leave. Will Trell have an impact on the sook of the NRL in Code D Walker? Will Cook fire up the barbecue, or will the rabbits head south further and quicker than a MAFS star's undies on wedding night?

For the Eels, Matterson is out but if the Eels are serious about a title challenge they need to win these games. The boys need to get off their line quickly, niggle Mitchell early and get in Walker's face and pressure his kicks. Their young half is low in confidence and Dylbro and Moses need to keep it that way.

It should be a great game.

So, who wins and by what margin?


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    • Here's the thing I keep saying. 

      Good teams don't lose to garbage. 

      Souths are garbage and we should have put them down like the dead dog they are!

      I said to my wife prior to the game, "I hope we play sensible, wet weather footy! We'll beat these stooges if we do, and I'll take the 'W' whether it be by 1 point or 24 points".

      Straight out of the gate, we played sloppy footy and just prior to half time, down by 6 points, I thought we were damned lucky.

      Then, we throw an insane pass that gets intercepted, with 6 seconds to go in the first half, and now we're down by 12 in tough conditions to mount a comeback!

      I was absolutely filthy! Knew we'd lost the contest at that point.

      Apparently, according to the telecast, BA was 'pleased' with our defence. I'd be tearing the paint of the wall if I was the coach!

      Sorry, I'm done! 

      Time to move the coach on.

      Good teams don't lose to detritus! Bellamy's Storm don't lose to detritus! Robbo's Chooks don't lose to detritus!

      BA's Eels lose to the Tigers, the Dogs and a Souths team that got flogged by St Merge last fortnight!

      We just simply won't win the comp under this bloke - as much as it pains me to say it - because I want us to win a comp under BA!

      Now, I have been a supporter of Brissy and Brissy (Da Rock), but, if Brissy or Brissy (Da Rock) even attempt to come at me for these strident opinions, I'll be pleased to reintroduce the old BM and tear him (them) a shiny new arsehole!

      • Welcome to the dark side, brother

      • Fire up BM! I am filthy at tonight's garbage. My Mrs asked me what i was thinking, I just said "I am speechless" 

      • Glad you've seen the light BM, tonight was embarassing and thats on BA 

  • Please tell me why we have 2 fresh reserves who BA has used sparingly or noit at all when we are clearly fatigued. Paulo needs a break. He is a gun but needs a rest. Brown should have played tonight and got 40 minutes. 


    • because our coach is an imbecile

    • Opacic on with 5 mins to go. The bench centre option. Brilliant bench plan and rotation. I'm sorry, BA is just a fuckin moron... he just can't be defended anymore.

      • Mb ba likes a bet too 

  • What I find interesting about Gutho's second try: if the situation were reversed, the Eels winger would have jammed in on Gutho and forced the pass, hoping the center could release and stop the winger. Which. Rarely happens and the opposition winger scores. Gutho scores because Graham missed a tackle he should have made but Johnson had stayed out and had his winger and the pass covered. 

    It's pretty obvious the Eels' outside back defensive system is extraordinarily flawed. 

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Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
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