Slightly less fat Trell returns for the bunnies tonight after being Biden's biatch during his sick leave. Will Trell have an impact on the sook of the NRL in Code D Walker? Will Cook fire up the barbecue, or will the rabbits head south further and quicker than a MAFS star's undies on wedding night?

For the Eels, Matterson is out but if the Eels are serious about a title challenge they need to win these games. The boys need to get off their line quickly, niggle Mitchell early and get in Walker's face and pressure his kicks. Their young half is low in confidence and Dylbro and Moses need to keep it that way.

It should be a great game.

So, who wins and by what margin?


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    • Surely that's not right - if it is they need to immediately straight jacket BA and carry him out of the stadium put him into a padded cell.

  • Only way they get back in this is off South's errors 

  • If we don't get lane and brown involved more in attack we no chance 

  • Foxtel sideline guy reporting that BA at half time said he was "really happy" with the defense but wanted them to stop giving cheap ball (errors). 
    Um, was BA watching Souths make lots of meters down our wings multiple times? And miss 2-3 tries by luck? WTF

  • Everyone is waiting for a repeat of the Penrith game, where it seemed the Eels were treading water then two quick tries changed everything. Said the unicorn 

  • Quick question. Has Moses ever had a long kick find the turf? Every kick I have every seen from MM goes down the fullback or wingers throat. 

    • Yep always 

    • I asked this back after the tigers game and was told it's a brilliant tactic and I know fuck all. Moses has played a cookie cutter game on the 5th most of the season.  But what would I know.  He's as creative as a 80 year old nun in the sack.  

      Eels fans are too busy blaming the coach so have no eyes for the players shortfalls.  We should go balls deep after Munster. Moses is a flat track bully who can't play unless it's all going our way.  And Browns his apprentice . 

    • It's a long kick, the opposition players are allowed to run to where the ball lands.

      • Apparently when you're 20 points down it's a great tactic as it doesn't allow the opposition FB to catch the ball and run into space.  We could be 60 points down with 20 to go and Moses would play the same tactic.  

        So which of our players are the ones going to the TAB when we play the bottom feeder teams ? 

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