Game day blog - Eels vs Raiders

G'day guys. I'll start off by saying that this week's blog will be very brief as I am having that consistent and very frustrating problem of only being able to read the front page of blogs and writing a post only for it to vanish somewhere into cyberspace. So, I am writing this on my shitty phone on what is a problematic and shitty platform...

Tonight we see the boys up against pRicky's Raiders who have shocked the world with 2 wins on the trot and reverberations so strong they apparently were even felt across in the UK where when felt, the queens underpants fell down. Furthermore, in the states president Biden got his first half Mongrel, such was the level of shock in response to the two wins in a row.The Eels are coming off a convincing win against the Tits and should be up for this and should win well. We see Moses on the sidelines again whilst Opacic and the Dumpster have been put on the kerb. Junior's back along with Fungerson and I'll be very interested to see how the latter goes. JA gets another shot at receiving slightly less abuse which will bode him well for the future. So, who wins and by what margin?MOM?


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            • Oh thank god 

              I've got enough hits on me embers 🤣

              • Lol you're safe Carlo 

              • I had my pitchfork sharpened and all , Carlo. 

                • Oh I bloody know 

                  snake would have thought it was friggin xmas 

  • I hope Gutho is not out,  but I would like to see how dunster goes at fullback. 

  • Eels by 18

    Mom - Fergo / Gutho

  • Guth is in 

  • Game odds just had a BIG shift

    Raiders blowing out from $4.50 to $5 right after the final team sheets were announced..... must be a sign gutho plays 

    Parra 24-12

  • Guth is playing can put away the noose for now

    • Oh thank christ 

      i couldn't deal with the guilt 

This reply was deleted.

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