G'day guys. I'll start off by saying that this week's blog will be very brief as I am having that consistent and very frustrating problem of only being able to read the front page of blogs and writing a post only for it to vanish somewhere into cyberspace. So, I am writing this on my shitty phone on what is a problematic and shitty platform...

Tonight we see the boys up against pRicky's Raiders who have shocked the world with 2 wins on the trot and reverberations so strong they apparently were even felt across in the UK where when felt, the queens underpants fell down. Furthermore, in the states president Biden got his first half Mongrel, such was the level of shock in response to the two wins in a row.The Eels are coming off a convincing win against the Tits and should be up for this and should win well. We see Moses on the sidelines again whilst Opacic and the Dumpster have been put on the kerb. Junior's back along with Fungerson and I'll be very interested to see how the latter goes. JA gets another shot at receiving slightly less abuse which will bode him well for the future. So, who wins and by what margin?MOM?


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  • Eels by 18.

    MOM Fungo.

  • Grunts, I assume you had your first Covid shot recently. That would explain why you are currently having these technical issues. They will all be resolved once you have your second shot.

    Eels by 14. MOM Dylbags.

    Go Parra!

  • I closely agree with Grunta and Meelyk 's tips except I would want 50 to 1 odds with Fergo MOM LOL    .... I predict Eels by 12 ( might be a second half win running home to victory)  . MOM RCG .

  • Eels by 20. 

    3. Mahoney

    2. Gutho

    1. D Brown

  • Parra 30+ Papali’i MoM

  • Eels 13+
    Mom and  3 points JA

                     2 points  Waqa Blake

                      1 point. Lane 


    • lol.

      • Electric Analysis,

        I am answering the call from Brissyeel to "stop being a negative prick" and I have embraced my inner unicorn, you will only read positive posts from myself, designed to boost the self esteem of our lesser players, because just like some junior sport where there are no scores kept, no winners, boosting self esteem is everything. 

        • Do all the players get a medallion at the end of the season too?

This reply was deleted.

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