Well, finals time is here! The Eels are supposedly upbeat, but not overawed according to Bea Arthur and this young team should be better this time round having experienced finals footy the past couple of seasons. Will they be? Fark Nose!

Excluding Sivo and Mahoney, all players are fresh and available for selection. Matterson probably feels a bit hard done by sitting on the sidelines however, there are only so many spots up for grabs and it comes down to who BA can leave out. That's a great problem to have for September footy.

On another note, who's loving how Joey Lussick is playing? I'm really enjoying watching him play and he's been great for us, congratulations to recruitment for getting him on board.

Im hoping that the Eels attack down the Knight's left edge as Bradman Best can be exposed and his defence can be frail. They get a couple of big boppers back in Saiafiti and Klemmer and I'm expecting a low scoring game with a lot of play in the middle third. It's time for the likes of Gutherson, Moses and Brown to stand up and lead the team to a win. That win against the Storm a couple of weeks ago should have the boys full of confidence and ready to make a real statement during this finals campaign.

So, who wins and by what margin?



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  • Eels by 8

    Moses for man of the match.

  • Newcastle have picked a big side, if our bench stays the same as named I can only see us struggling to compete for the full 80mins in the heat.

    Moses will get an opportunity late in the game and choke as he does.

    As much as pains me to say it but Newcastle by 4 with Ponga man of match.


    • Scott have you watched any of Newcastle games v top 8 teams? Woeful is generous 

      • Had you seen the results of Penrith vs South's before last night.

        It means for nothing comes finals, different kettle of fish.



        • Totally agree Scott and don’t have too look back to far to see that truth! Approach to the game is everything! We come with the attitude from get go  and we beat anyone.

        • I think comparing Newcastle to those two sides makes no sense 

          • Compare them to the Titans last night who should of won.

            End of story......

            Thanks again,


            • Compare them to a team that lost but should have won....deary me, just when you think this dope can't get any stupider!!!

              Scott, you realise if it's hot that big forwards will tire more, especially if you move them around? You honestly have zero idea on rugby league, perhaps you should follow super netball.

              • Your more delusional than I thought if you actually think a team prepared by Arthur is going to move the ball around.

                Get your head out of your ass!

                You might be right about the heat but they have four big men on the bench, we have two and our other two barely play minutes when we are full strength.

                Go back under unicorn rock.



                • What happened the last two weeks dreggsie? 
                  Unlike you, I watched them both and I think they moved the ball around. 

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