Game Day Blog - Eels vs Dragons.

Will dead cats bounce?

This is a game the Eels should win looking at the form of both teams, the talent of both teams and the home ground advantage.

Having said this, how many times have we seen a team lose a coach and lift?

This won't happen tonight. The Eels have been winning very ugly, but winning nonetheless.

This game shapes as THE game for the Eels to get back some of that early season, scintilating form. I'm expecting the Eels to not only win, but win by plenty.

Last week's tireless efforts in an absolute quagmire should bid them well. I'm hoping that Sivo tears Norman a new asshole like last year.

Matto back is exciting and I really can't wait to see him on the field again. The ratings should be high and I'd expect a massive game from the Eels' forward pack.

Let's hope that our wingers take some smelling salts before running out tonight.

So, who will win and by what margin?



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  • I feel for Paul McGregir ending this way. I had left Foxtel on after game and Matthew John's said he never selected his side. How is that's supposed to work?  Who owns the blame?

    • Mary said the exact same in one of his interviews keet.

      The selection of the team is up to him, Young and Flanagan and he clearly stated he was NOT ALLOWED to pick his players in positions he thought they were best suited.

      What a joke - a coach with NO real say in team selection and what else.

      Mary has been a decent coach but like the Bornx, the St Failed hierachy are interfering with the team - Just think Eels and spoons to understand the hell he must be living in.

      Now they are pressuring the NRL to get Flanagan reinstated as a NRL coach.

      Coaches make the best scapegoats imo.


      • Mary has a taste of humility tonight and not from the Eels. I know nothing but I did hear a rumourthey want Flanagan to coach and bring Junior from Roosters.  Only a rumour I don't want to be accountable.

        • Public knowledge that St Fail are pressuring NRL to reinstate Flanno keet.


          • Ha Mushy did I tell you I don't watch  the news?  I don't watch football shows either.  I'm so informed.  What virus... 

  • We are ready to unleash tonight I think. We are like a batsmen whose just got through the second new ball unscathed and is ready to start playing a few shots again. Dragons will be good for a couple of tries too though looking at their side. 

    Eels 40 - Dragons 18 

    • Great analogy the batsman one.

      Top stuff!


  • Eels by 16 MOM Junior he is going to eat their forward pack without Paul Vaughan

  • Wet track, Eels 32 - 10

    Dry track, 42 - 16

    MOM RCG.

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