Game day blog - Broncos vs Eels.

Well g'day all you nose whistling, two toothed gimps. It's game day!

What an absolute quality spectacle this should be. The Broncos can't defend, but tonight none of that matters because the Eels can't score. Apparently both of these teams have actually forgotten what the line (excluding at Centrelink) looks like.

The ugliest man in the world from out Penrith way has screwed with the player's heads and Things haven't been quite the same since team cohesion was jammed in a 'use four times' Coles plastic bag and shoved down a North Parramatta public toilet. None of the boys could get over Danny and George playing for another team.

Well, they're back and will this event coincide with a return to form?

Does Jai Field resemble some pissy alien off a 70's, afternoon viewing, space program?

That's for another day, but the quicker he returns to planet jfjehcjtjwiwkdj the better in my opinion.

So, who wins this enthralling battle and by how many points?

Who will be MOM?


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  • Broncos by 64.

    MOM Darius.

    • Only 64. 100 is more accurate. 

  • Hahahahahahah funny but true

  • Eels by 18 

    mom Sivo if Guth let's him loose

    really hope they have some plays for Jai Field

    Davey to offload assist for atleast 1 try

    🤞🏽🤞🏽 C'mon Eels

    🖕🏽 Darius...

  • Tighter game then some think

    Parra by 8


  • Time to make a statement and throw off the attacking shackles. Parra by plenty 20+

    MOM - RCG to dominate a weakened Broncos pack

  • Parra by plenty. 

  • Won't be happy unless we keep them scoreless and pump them 24+

  • Parra by 38. Fergo gets a double.

    The entire NRL fanbase (apart from the parents of a few Broncos players) are on the Eels bandwagon tonight thanks to the Dogs upset win last night. A massive and demoralising defeat will take the Broncos one step closer to their wooden spoon.

    This win shouldn't just be for us Eels faithful, this win must be for everyone who would pay good money to see the smug Broncos and their supporters, the club with the greatest geographical and financial advantages of any club in the NRL, collect the wooden spoon. We owe this to the world.

    C'mon boys - let's get those Broncos one step closer to the spoon!

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