Game day blog - Broncos vs Eels.

Well g'day all you nose whistling, two toothed gimps. It's game day!

What an absolute quality spectacle this should be. The Broncos can't defend, but tonight none of that matters because the Eels can't score. Apparently both of these teams have actually forgotten what the line (excluding at Centrelink) looks like.

The ugliest man in the world from out Penrith way has screwed with the player's heads and Things haven't been quite the same since team cohesion was jammed in a 'use four times' Coles plastic bag and shoved down a North Parramatta public toilet. None of the boys could get over Danny and George playing for another team.

Well, they're back and will this event coincide with a return to form?

Does Jai Field resemble some pissy alien off a 70's, afternoon viewing, space program?

That's for another day, but the quicker he returns to planet jfjehcjtjwiwkdj the better in my opinion.

So, who wins this enthralling battle and by how many points?

Who will be MOM?


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    • Good news Barry and good on him! Pretty sure we’ve turned the milestone game corner now and stopped losing almost all of them like we did in the last decade. 

  • Big chuckles here, you funny bugger! Whenever I read these often wonder if the Kent’s of the world want to print the same truth about our beloved eels.

    exactly Parra go sick em and play quite well.

  • Eels 40+

    MOM Matto

  • What's pissing me off the most about the Eels at the moment is the one percenters.

    We don't have the talent of the Roosters , to be able to beat them or a Storm in a grand final we have to nail those one percenters , do them better then anyone else.

    linespeed- not just for the first ten minutes but the whole game, focussing on the the first three tackles of a set completely nullifying any go forward.

    Kickchase- a wall of chasers in a straight line giving a ball runner no options. 
    Kick pressure- a bug bear of mine, we have Moses, field or D. Brown in the side who are as quick as anyone over 20 metres. These guys should be in the face everytime a kicker gets the ball late in the count. Harassing adnauseum. The difference it makes in your next set in attack is immeasurable.

    Marker defence- for fuck sake get your arse off the ground and get into marker. The attacker cant get to his feet before our defenders.

    Support play- push up underneath your ball runners, we create more offloads then any other side, it's our advantage over rivals and the key to dominating momentum push up and take advantage.

    If we do those things well we're a chance against anyone but we need to start refining it these last two rounds and cement it into our mindset. 
    The other thing I'd like to see is Sivo not take the first or second hit up after a kick but allow Fergo, Blake or Jennings first before getting a little wider targeting opposition halves . This goes for attacking in the opposition 20 . Isolate the smaller defenders with Sivo running a hard line they won't stop him.

  • Would love to see the eels & mules players at the head end of the teams, swapped for the night, or next year.

  • 52 10 parra

  • If we're fairdinkum we will put a number on them. That's a huge if. I can't see a win coming. I'm negative as all hell when it comes to parramatta. I just can't imagine a world where we ever find a way. It's funny too because in life outside my love for parra I am an extremely positive person. I'm a realist and I know I have a great life, but being a realist I know parra are shit again. Brisbane by 10, mom Carrigan. Sivo to have a shocker with the highball.

    • Our 1, 6, 7, 9, will make a strong statement tonite.


  • That's got to be one of the worst accidental KOsive seen on a field

    • More useless bombs 

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