Fergo Rumour

Hey folks I don't normally like to post rumours unless I think they have substance but I'll post this to see if anyone else has heard anything.

Apparently we are looking at Fergo Medically retiring and then freeing up his contract for next year.

Obviously it's a rumour it came from someone who normally has some good info admittedly he isn't a Eels fan but his info about another team is usually spot on.


Anyone else heard this??

Anyway it's off season so that's the best time for rumours 

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      • Good call

      • There is a reason why MJ suddenly looked better and recovered well

      • I'm with you Browny.

      • Agree.  12 months ago, most were singing his praises.  

    • The somersaults while spectacular were also dumb plays as a miscalculation would have had him in a wheelchair, thus one would have to wonder if stupi actions are a case for insurance payments.  However, as they did not appear to affect his play they could not be likely used for knocking back a genuine insurance claim, which is deemed career ending.

      When one looks at some other cases of insurance claims for career ending payouts, it makes one wonder if new policies may be harder to claim succesfully. Cases that come to mind  Foran, Inglis and Sam Burgess, all came back to play again, one exception was Watmough, but that was a fight to get it finalised.

    • Insurance only pays if it's not a preexisting injury, and Fergo would be hard pressed to prove that his knees haven't been on the decline before he signed his contract with us.

      A player & club can petition the NRL for salary cap relief if the player wants to medically retire. Now, the player & club have to be able to prove that the player can't realistically play on with the injury and would be putting his future health at risk by doing so.

      Under this scenario the club still pays the player his salary, but it is exempted from the cap, and obviously the player cannot play professionally ever again.

      If a player incurs a career ending injury in the act of pursuing his profession, then the club can apply to the league's insurer, ( because their asset is no longer productive) to pay out the players contract, or whatever the agreed payout figure is. The contract is voided and the contract no longer counts under the cap. 

      The effect on the salary cap is the same, the player still gets paid, but the payer is different in the two cases.


      • Good points and thanks for them Brettt.

        What's the situation though with the likes of Inglis and Sam Burgess who have both indicated their desire to play again, yet were they not paid out in insurance money?

  • Hope so as he is well past it. It was clearly obvious this year that Ferguson is too far gone his best. The Eels need two new wingers.

    • Hard to say that when for the most part of the season he never saw the ball.

      Fergo doesn't shirk work while he didn't score as many 4 pointers his work bringing the ball out was still amongst the best in the comp.

      I wouldn't replace Fergo next year I'd be still banking on him.

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