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I ask you this, what exactly do you think is going to happen if we offload BA and bring in someone new?

I will tell you, we get a new coach, we have majority of the same players for a couple of years, we are "rebuilding" AGAIN! ..... 5 years away nothing has changed and you are back calling for the coaches head again!

Something needs to change, I agree, but I don't blame Brad. You can call me a unicorn or whatever predictable b******* insult anyone throws around on here, but the fact remains he is not the one dropping balls and giving away penalties.... yeah, he keeps picking the same players every week, but who do you put in from our top 30? 

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Only the If it were that simple.

With basically one less player being Semi this team almost won the comp last year.

So what we've got to identify outside of the obvious is what has changed to put this team in this position.

Its one thing to say the coach but there are some underlying issues there the club has to sought out before seeing any long term consistency.

Almost won the comp last year???? LOL WTF???    We went out backwards, we didn't even make it to week 3.   Revision history at it's finest, if anything the Cowboys loss should of sent the alarm bells ringing for BA and his staff.  Instead they went into this season thinking they had a top 4 roster. One trial proved how arrogant they were and also how clueless BA really is.  And there has been nothing i have seen from this team or coach to prove me otherwise.

Oh well if you've already made your mind up no use trying to convince you then.

Yes almost won the comp I mean the Cowboys gave the Storm such a hard game in the GF that was real close.

Hell if a few calls went our way down in Melbourne we win that game but carry on.

Sacking BA is not going to help any more than sacking Kearney or losing sticky did. The coach is not the problem. The players are just not good enough. Even top coaches lose games when they have no decent players I.e. Bennet at Newcastle, Bellamy during Origin.. we have no origin forwards, Hayne and Jennings are past it.
Moses tries hard but no one has the brains to back him up.
We have a poor squad, who try there hearts out but just are not good enough.
We need a board who know how to land the players we need by arranging third party deals without arranging them aka Melbourne Roosters Brisbane etc. Any of the clubs that have regularly been title contenders over the last 20 years have good smart not to shady but not to honest business savvy management, who know how to tweak the system to get what they want. You could have the best coach in the world, but if he is coaching a team of pygmies because that’s all management has enabled him to afford, he ain’t gonna win jack.
Brad has got this team of nuffs playing hard for him, and I’m sure they want to win. But that’s not enough. Without a decent amount of marquee players, we will be bottom dwellers for a long time coming. Sharpy and the boys knew this, and tried to change it, but were not smart enough to do it without getting caught.



Ohhhh shit that’s a classic.

Bahahaahaha i just spat my rum all over the place.

Go Moneyball, go BA!!

No no no. Brad has to go. We don’t just keep him because there is nothing better. Mediocrity can not be accepted. He has to go because he is a shit coach. I’d take the local netball coach over this dimwit.

Brads proved hes got NFI, the presser tonight is very clear evidence of that, hes a joke without Gentle coaching the team.

Sorry Guys but I really think u r kidding yourselves. BA is under contract until end 2019 & I seriously doubt that all the bleating, whinging, bit-ching & lamenting is going to force the Club to spend the dough & pay him out.

The Footy Club is already on notice that the licensed Club will not be subsidising future $10M losses so I can't see the powers that be just writing off $600k/$1M for BA's 2019 payout & BA is not a quiter, he won't just leave & walk away.


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