Eels hunt the Fox

Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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    • Where's he playing for the Blues JBG.....Oh! that's right....we will see how well he goes there and then make a judgement....rather than being a petulant child and saying "I'm not going anywhere!"

      • And you call be a Cantankerous Old Basket - SHEESH.

        The tradition of SOO is to take great players and ALWAYS play them out of position. Where did Hayne play in SOO, Centre and Wing. Where did Gallen play, out the back somewhere.

  • BA won't move his captain and the fullback of the year to centre. Gutho will be wasted at centre. He is our best support player and can pop up anywhere from the back. Maybe Fox could be a good center with his speed. We have 2 good wingers

    • Wingers - That's a matter of opinion. 
      Fergo is almost done, I would say he would have 12 months top left as his body is falling apart. 
      Sivo can run a straight line but that's it. Limited speed and no evasion. 
      I'm willing to back Dunster as one wing but we could definitely do with another. 
      Many people have said regarding Gutho - if he was a couple of metres faster, he would be the best player in the world. Alas, speed is now required at Fullback and I'm sure Gutho knows this. 

      • Agree, Dunster on one wing. Ferguson is way past it and Sivo! Well very disappointing. 

  • This sounds a bit like the 'I'm Eugene' blog last week. No offence intended.

    • Well he didn't add value to it but FH does, not to mention Bup and Slugg.

  • Brown while he is still learning could play centre if Guttho moved to 5/8. Bring the Fox and let it work itself out. If he ends up at wing so be it. Just don't pay fullback money for him. As old Jack said, pick your best 13...

  • Quoting Gutherson.....'Fullback is my position, I love it....that's it really'.

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