You can do this for any size bets..... This is a 3 leg Multi on Sportsbet. 

i.e. Roosters and Storm to win their respective games. i.e thats games 1 & 2

Game 3 is Tigers and Bronco's and to me is a hard one to seperate....Tigers 1.52 and Broncs 2.55.

Here's your bet the first combinations of Roosters and Storm into Tigers is 2.10 on a powerplay or realistically doubling your money .....my doubt there as i said was the Tigers (no Reynolds, Brooks dropped).

Alternatively the first two (certainties) and Bronco's gives you 3.67 on a powerplay.

So your easy money bet is $10 on each i.e. 2.10 return or 3.67 if Bronco's win.....net result win 1$ or  $16.70 but you can't lose.

Of course all that goes out the window if Raiders beat Roosters or  Titans beat Storm..... I will leave that to you.....BUT THAT is where Caveat Emptor comes into the title.

PS Depending on your budget and heading into the weekend you can outlay any amount on that bet i.e. $100 on each combo returns $10  or  $167 profit.

PS 2 If your bookmaker is someone else other than "sportsbet" you are likely to get similar odds on the combo's.

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  • Chooks/ Raiders 20 to go ,..

    Rapana smacks Moz in head, gets penalized. Few weeks back Rapana punches Sivo ... nothing. 

  • Poppa, breathe, breathe!

    Raiders Prop runs through hole big enough for a ... prop. Chooks score off a forward pass (no try). Poppa Rollercoaster 

    • 2 minutes to go and you guys have read me like a book.....

      Officially have given up!

      • Now I would love to delete this blog but Fong would never let me forget it.....i minute!


        • Ok its SHIT SHIT SHIT

          The good news for all Parra fans is I have found away to bring the Roosters down..... I'll bank it and move on and find out what I can do for storm on another occasion.

          • Finally as I say goodnight.....I am very proud I have made this night more exciting than it was ever going to be.

            Thank you Snakey for your sage advice and Daz for teaching me how to eat a pie in the sky.

            Milky you can see why the bookies have never banned me........

            One very final thing, if Parra had let in that try that Papalli scored, the whole site would been off to see the shrink! as it turns out it will just be me going.

            Fongy there are now two Rooster supporters on site, lookout baby the Roosters are in trouble!


            • Its all good poppa. Guess who got a $200 pay on that game... :)

              • Can you send some my way Milky because it cost me 150.....

          • On the flip side, Poppa, if Eels beat Manly it will leave the Eels 5-6 points clear of 4th no matter any other result. 

            • Good point Daz, I always knew you would be in my corner if I needed it.

This reply was deleted.

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