You can do this for any size bets..... This is a 3 leg Multi on Sportsbet. 

i.e. Roosters and Storm to win their respective games. i.e thats games 1 & 2

Game 3 is Tigers and Bronco's and to me is a hard one to seperate....Tigers 1.52 and Broncs 2.55.

Here's your bet the first combinations of Roosters and Storm into Tigers is 2.10 on a powerplay or realistically doubling your money .....my doubt there as i said was the Tigers (no Reynolds, Brooks dropped).

Alternatively the first two (certainties) and Bronco's gives you 3.67 on a powerplay.

So your easy money bet is $10 on each i.e. 2.10 return or 3.67 if Bronco's win.....net result win 1$ or  $16.70 but you can't lose.

Of course all that goes out the window if Raiders beat Roosters or  Titans beat Storm..... I will leave that to you.....BUT THAT is where Caveat Emptor comes into the title.

PS Depending on your budget and heading into the weekend you can outlay any amount on that bet i.e. $100 on each combo returns $10  or  $167 profit.

PS 2 If your bookmaker is someone else other than "sportsbet" you are likely to get similar odds on the combo's.

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  • Interesting Poppa . I am not surprised . Majority of Punters are always getting screwed , 

    • Can’t I just win the RSL house instead ??!! Much easier way to get my “ escape fund” lol 

      • I got tickets in that for my birhday, some townhouses on the GC, are you in the one for the house at Freshie?

        • No - don’t entice me with anymore 

          I’m in VIP club so have tickets monthly and there’s other member draws only ten bucks a month . J gets excited every mont looking at the real estate we will win !!!

          i don’t feel like a VIP yet unfortunately :-(((


          • I think that's what my mum gave me for my birhday....we can both be VIPs lol.

            The house at Freshie is lush, its overlooking the ocean, it was won by a guy about 5 years ago, now that guy has sold it back, and they've just re-fitted it out, close to Harbord Diggers too...boom! 

            • Nope you’re set 

              you lend your VIP status to poor little old me please !!!! 

  • The words "easy money" and betting on sport shouldn't be in the same sentence.

    Betting companies promote multi s so much because they know the odds of landing one diminish with each leg added.

    favourites get beat, it happens all the time.

    i like a bet, but I confess to knowing just enough to be dangerous.

    so I buy my tips each week from a mob - I never put my own bets on only what they tell me to do.

    i also only bet the % of my bank that they tell me 

    I pkace about 300 bets a year or 6-7 a week 

    annually it's about $750 in their fees or $15 per week

    all that said my bank increases by about 100% annually, but betting this way is not for everyone as it's quite passive 

    • That’s a lot of betting !!!! 

      The only betting I really do is on the numerous raffles I try to win - 

      other betting has to be fun and involve a pretty dress, heels and a glass of champagne !!:-)) never successful though lol


      • lol, it takes all of about 5 mins a week, they text them through I put the bets on.....I don't spend a second thinking about it, some weeks are down, some weks are up, but over the course of the year it's a good result but its a bit boring and that's not for everyone but I like making money 

        According to stats from US online betting agencies only 2% of their customers make any money at the end of the year, so the other 98% lose every year.

        • I like making money too !!!!! Ffs lol 

          baby Jebus are you listening ??? I like money too !!! 

          Have to wait til mum and dad drop off perch I guess ( did I say that aloud ?)

This reply was deleted.

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