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Was hoping the Eels would land  either Arrow or Matterson but just heard a straight player swap between them could be on the cards

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  • hoping for what. Really the EELS  have a couple of players they can give to the tigers or titans.

    Brad Takarangi Peni Terepo Timmy Mannah 

    Pretty sure none of these players have contracts at this point in time.

    Matterson leaves and comes to the eels no more than 400k if he wants a spot. The EELS dont need him we can replace Mau with Taka for 200k or better yet play Stefano or Stone in the 17.

    We have a new Front Row Rotation for next year 

    RCG PAULO and Evans and Alvaro

    Id  give up Alvaro for Matterson though

    • Terepo and Mannah are not under contract next year

      Taka isn’t unless he was given a new contract - which may have happened

    • Greetings all from sunny Valencia.

      Reports are that this bloke wants double what he is on. I say fuck that. The guy has a “look at me” attitude that we do not need. Plus we have several guys who fill his role well enough for a third the cost.

      He is not a game breaker.

    • Although there is a role Taka can play in the squad it definitely isn’t as a replacement for Mau and he’s not even close.

      • I just saw on social media that old mate Kenny Edwards is off contract and leaving his super league team, that would be a better replacement for Mau if we got him cheap.....any takers?

        • Like......

          Id welcome him back

        • No thanks, too much baggage with Edwards, we have moved on from players like him and are better for it. 

          • HKF then how do explain going after lodge? 

            Ps..that’s if misdemeanours are what you are referring to. Don’t think it gets any worse than his stuff.

            • Macy kenny was a repeat offender off and on the field, I would rather the club sign someone like Capewell from the Sharks. I like kenny but don't think we need the trouble that comes with him. 

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