Dogs gonna put first nail in ba's coffin R1

1. Connor Tracey  
2. Jacob Kiraz
3. Bronson Xerri 
4. Stephen Crichton 
5. Foxx Ado Carr 
6. Matt Burton
7. Blake Taaffe 
8. Max King
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Addin Fonua-Blake -
11. Villiame Kikau
12. Jacob Preston
13. Josh Curran

14. Kurt Mann
15. Harrison Edwards
16. Liam Knight
17. Salmon


The team is shaping up and will.have to much strike out wide for ba's scatter defense.   Could be a big score ending ba's 10 year run

Gonna be a cricket score on Arthurs

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        • Hope Parra smash them!! 

  • I think as good a side on paper that is, given we missed the 8 last year, the boys will be very keen to start 24 with a win.

    If we lose well ....

  • Shit side we beat them easily 

  • Who let the wong out - woof woof 

  • Connor is injured 

  • i'd be very disappointed if that was our side. A lot of hit and miss players in that lot.

    • Exactly,  only Crichton and kikau are what you would consider good signings from their recruitment drive.

      If the eels had signed most of their signings this site would be in melt down. 

  • Defence was massive issue for dogs last year and will continue  at least early in the season.  Half the team are new to the dogs so new combinations have to be learnt as their isn't any understanding of the defensive structures or experience defending together in game situation. 

    Even top sides with minor changes struggle in attack early in the season due to lack of combinations and match fitness.  Early round footy is about ball control, field position and simple footy.  Our forwards and Moses kicking game will give us field position but who is bulldogs kicking half beyond Burton to out up the 50/50 bomb each game.

    Our side is pretty much the same so ball control should be another advantage for us.  Despite close losses early last year, we matched the top sides including Melbourne who are undefeated in round 1 for over 10 years due to understanding simple safe footy wins early rounds.

    The bulldogs with all their new players and competition from their 10 new utility players all trying to secure a position will not be a cohesive unit.  They don't even know who will run the team yet without a recognised halfback picked to lead side yet.


  • Is this a bot?

  • That is a very ordinary side parra by 50

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