Dogs gonna put first nail in ba's coffin R1

1. Connor Tracey  
2. Jacob Kiraz
3. Bronson Xerri 
4. Stephen Crichton 
5. Foxx Ado Carr 
6. Matt Burton
7. Blake Taaffe 
8. Max King
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Addin Fonua-Blake -
11. Villiame Kikau
12. Jacob Preston
13. Josh Curran

14. Kurt Mann
15. Harrison Edwards
16. Liam Knight
17. Salmon


The team is shaping up and will.have to much strike out wide for ba's scatter defense.   Could be a big score ending ba's 10 year run

Gonna be a cricket score on Arthurs

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  • Thats the spirit!

    Didnt realise afb had signed with the dogs either. Massive front row!

  • Thats a scary team if they had a decent half they would be very scary

  • 1. Connor Tracey  - Fringe Firstgrade
    2. Jacob Kiraz - Good
    3. Bronson Xerri - Unproven
    4. Stephen Crichton - Star
    5. Foxx Ado Carr - Star
    6. Matt Burton - Unproven
    7. Blake Taaffe - Fringe Fristgrade
    8. Max King - Average
    9. Reed Mahoney - Average
    10. Addin Fonua-Blake - Doesnt play for them
    11. Villiame Kikau - Good
    12. Jacob Preston - Ok
    13. Josh Curran - Ok

    14. Kurt Mann - ok
    15. Harrison Edwards - Fringe Firstgrade
    16. Liam Knight - Fringe Firstgrade
    17. Salmon - Fringe Firstgrade

    • Added to that is Burton is talked about moving to Centre for Taaffe at 6. Xerri will then either be on the Wing or out of the 17 entirely. I wonder how Blake Wilson is going turning us down, a better chance at a starting spot, to play possibly 2nd-3rd string at Canterbury.

      Also if Harrison Edwards is the best option for a bench spot then they failed more than we think for their depth. Edwards in Round 15 against had one of the most luckluster efforts i had seen on a footy field when Moses ran past him and he did not even attempt to tackle him. Bloke is a plodder.

  • AFB isn't being released from the Warriors until 2025.

    Shit yourself Wong if you can't get the basics right as per usual this is just BS click bait.


    • You seem worried already 

      • Hardly I can't remember being actually worried about the Dogs are they still in the nrl if they are they've been cellar dwelling basically inconsequential.

  • The only players I'd take over ours are Jacob Kiraz, Stephen Crichton, Foxx Ado Carr, Reed Mahoney. 

    It's close on Kikau, I'd say a dead heat.

    I will be tipping Eels to win by 30.

    • Kikau was by product of a great Penrith team. He and Luai had that connection that made it great. Crichton will be good for Canterbury but of course will be blamed for not doing more.

  • I am not one for berading people here, but this is the type of stuff you would see on the Kennel forum. I had a look there once when Mahoney signed to see their reaction then again to see their thoughts on the year. I came out both times dumber.

This reply was deleted.

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