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Depth Chart for 2020

Definite 20 players

Full Back (1) : Clint Gutherson

Wing (3): Blake Ferguson, Maika Sivo, George Jennings,

Centre (3): Waqa Blake, Michael Jennings, Jaeman Salmon

Halves (2): Mitchel Moses, Dylan Brown

Hooker (2): Reed Mahoney, Will Smith

Props (4): Junior Paulo, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Kane Evans, Daniel Alvaro, Oregon Kafusi

Lock (2): Nathan Brown, Ray Stone

Edge (2): Shaun Lane, Marata Niukore,

Development (0):


Likely resign or promote from lower grade (7):

Full Back (0) :

Wing (1): Ethan Parry, Charlton Schaafhausen (could be development but looks good enough to sign)

Centre (2): Brad Takairangi

Halves (1): Rhys Davies

Hooker (0): 

Props (1): Stefano Utoikamanu

Lock (0):

Edge (2): Andrew Davey, Salesi Fainga

Development (2): Kyle Schneider (hooker), Haze Dunster (Wing)


That would be 27 players and 2 development

Priority signing is a top tier edge forward

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      • Macy, there has been a degree of flack against Matto, one thing for certain is that we do not know the full story on it, like Bateman at the Raiders.  Did Matto sign for a low key amount for the whole three years he signed for at Wests? or was their an agreement for a performance based increase.  Is it the money or like a couple of other players as well that have issues with their coach?

        Kikau would be a handy pickup but he can run a bit hot and cold, and he's on contract until 2022 anyway and likely on good coin as well, wasn't he part of the Gus signings crew?

        • Yes we don’t know the full story Col, but safe to say Farah is in a position to know and has been vocal about it just in case see below 

          Farah’s comments are spot on too.

          So like I said, if we accept him breaking his contract it’s ok so long as we accept the same happening to us.

          i fully agree with Kent comments below as well. Penrith have cap problems and if they were looking to offload Kikau he is one to jump at. He is an out and out match winner albeit had a few injury concerns this year. Doubt Penrith would let him go though.






          • Macy the players that want out of contracts, in many cases its about the money, I have seen several different amounts that Matto is supposed to be on, ranging between 350 - 450K many players have clauses that have an increase if selected for rep matches with an increase, but so far all he has is a standbye for SOO so I understand unless he's been picked in any of these off/end season games.

            Frizel has also bee in the media about wanting out of the draggies, which one would we pick?

            Kikau is one of the big Riff signings up to end of 2022, and would not come cheap if the Riff let him go, they already are paying towards Blake and RCG's playing for the eels, would they liet a player of his ability go and pay out more for another player at another club, lets not forget they are paying towards Dallin WATENE-ZELEZNIAK, at the dogs although he's only signed to end of next year.

            From my perspective, if we were to go for one of the players, Kikua adds a lot and can play prop and second row, my other primary preference would be for Matto as he has shown his ability like Kikau and his age is a better fit, similar to Kikau.  Frizel for me is a VG player and would not be a bad signing but he would want 3 years, but his age as well as his injuries have slowed him somewhat this year.

  • We are definitely lacking in the 2nd row department for next year.

    Matterson or Frizzel would be good pick ups.

    we need another back up hooker as well 


    1: C Gutherson

    2: M Sivo

    3: M Jennings

    4: W Blake

    5: B Ferguson 

    6: D Brown

    7: M Moses

    8: Jr Paulo

    9: R Mahoney 

    10: N Brown

    11: S Lane

    12: T Frizzel 

    13: R Matterson


    14: R Campbell Gillard 

    15: K Evans

    16: S Utoikimanu 

    17: O Kaufusi 


    that would be be a good side 


    • Jack Wighton is on the market.  

      • Wow if they are even remotely considering letting one of their favourite sons go to market, they mustve been perilously close to over the cap this year...wouldn’t surprise either :)

        • He is off contract at the raiders end of next season, that means he's able to talk to other clubs from Nov 1, its anothery contract thing with his manager

          Raiders GF hero rejects rich contract extension
          Wighton headed to open market on November 1.
          • Colin I think that he is looking for 1Mil plus in his next contract per season. This will be interesting to see how it pans out.

            I think he will stay at the Raiders but is the reason they are letting players like Rapana go

            Raiders GF hero rejects rich contract extension
            Wighton headed to open market on November 1.
            • John I think he's a VG player, but seems many players are looking at big money contracts, I guess with Wighton winning the GF medal he can make claim to that sort of coin but, in reality how many players really are worth that amount?

              He is likely looking at his next contract to get as much as possible, owing to his age, 27 before next season starts and then he's 28 in 2021 when a new contract would start, seems that he also sees that he may be able to upgrade his last year on current contract and significatn amount after that.

              Raiders GF hero rejects rich contract extension
              Wighton headed to open market on November 1.
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