If the dogs hire Barrett who is a pure bred dope they are in for some tough times, he's firming for the job apparently.

This will be priceless if they go from Pay to Barrett, its too good to be true.

Will Trent succeed at the dogs if hired?



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        • +1. You know the fix is in somewhere if Flanagan is allowed back early. He oversaw a drugs culture for fraks sake and then ignored his conditions

          • Yep very important points Daz, correct we need school to continue with our juniors that feed the NRL next big thing. Very important to have that as the AFL do spend thousands on their recruitment & junior sport. 

            The second good point is Flanagan, I can’t believe some of the brain trust here wanted this man as our coach. He disgraced himself & the sport & im sure they were over the cap the year they won. How can you be over the cap before & after but not the year they won. Good old Greenturd, he did a lot of questionable decisions for certain clubs I’m so glad he gone. 

            • When they say some corporations use fancy accounting to off-shore their profits, the Sharks took it to another level and off-shored even their accountants. The Sharks are just good cheats, on and off the field 

          • Yes spot on Daz, he did the wrong thing twice, and as an NRL coach.


    • Meastro Monto on the ball again. Bwahaha 

    • Monts i think you are right with them not going with Barrett, i think they will change their mind after they see their fans in uproar in regards to signing Trent, ive checked social media and the dogs forums, 95% of fans are absolutely going off at the club for even throwing his name up.

      To get a gauge, go to twitter, type trents name in, go to 'latest tweetes', you'll see straight away the huge unrest and anger with dogs fans, same as their forum and FB.

      No way they can go with him after this backlash.


  • Canterbury are a basket case and this wont end well.  I know a lot of the Panthers boys and they rate Barrett very highly. He definately has improved them in 2020. They are very good both sides of the field.  Still leak points but can ice teams with their attack and quickly. 

    Dogs have a disjointed roster and it is not going to be fixed quickly. They have lost their pathways and it wont be solved buying aged stars on big coin.   Not our problem... for once. 

  • What's Arthur done 

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