Cowboys were not that Bad

I will go out on a limb about the Cowboys, I think they turned up last night and didn't play that badly!

They showed us everything in that first 10minutes and came up with zilch, we then monstered them with essentially pure class.

The 10minutes before half time we were shambolic, I am putting that down to the dislocation that occurred with the changes, BA won't forget that and it ended up being a huge motivator for the team in concentrating in the second half.

What we did to them in the second half is what we have had done to us by good teams for a long time.  The wheel has turned and now we are "that very good team". 

We are contenders purely because our backline still has not achieved its potential yet....the forwards can only get better with Brown and Evans back and the resultant depth that goes with it. Jai Field can go on developing with a few more games, let Moses make sure he is spot on, before returning.

Ferguson was much better last night and bent the line.......

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  • The Cows started with a tonne of energy and were making good metres. They probs would have scored if their halves had a touch more polish in attack. Their biggest issue was the lack of resilience once their Plan A didn't result in points, and we waltzed up field and scored with pretty much our first shot. How they fell away reminded me a lot of how the Eels have gone in previous years against teams like the Storm...

    • Spot on Fishy, that's exactly the way I saw it. 

      Interesting that Coach Green thought they were still in it at half time! I said the same thing untill we scored one minute into the second half....that killed them, just like the old Parra.

  • It was a huge step up in class for the Cowboys last night. They've played no one of note really. They got the Knights on an off day in Townsville but apart from that they've been pretty ordinary all year. They've just entered into a period of pain with their draw. They'll finish well down the ladder this year. 
    They started with a lot of energy and could easily have led early but the second we got a shot at them we scored. They didn't have the class to match us over 80 minutes. As Fish said, it reminded me of how we used to be for so many years. But now we're the heavyweight side that stays in the contest and you just know they're coming for you all game. Saying that, I still think we were a bit flat last night but simply stuck to our systems and the points flowed as expected. So great to watch. 

    • Noted your comments elsewhere on being flat MM, ....not sure I saw it that way, basically because we put a score on them and if we were flat we would probably have given up a couple of tries at the end, instead we were quite relentless.

      In saying that, they probably had every right to feel that way given the programme they have managed basically since the return.

      You may have noted my comments previously of not giving up more than 2 tries a game. I think BA may have a similar idea and that 10 minutes of shambles before half time was a real reminder of keeping concentration.

      Think back to the Penrith, Manly and Roosters games, concentration was the problem where we gave up points, this is the one area we have to focus and keep straight..... Waqar not withstanding,

      MM I always read your comments very closely as I think you understand the game the same way I do...old fashioned physcology mixed with the required skills. Lets enjoy this and make sure it lasts.....I always go back to 86 and remember thinking what is going to motivate these guys in the future.....I see the current Roosters managing that same process now...such a shame they have blatantly bought outside the spirit of the circumstances. Whatever that means, but I know you understand! 

  • I was actually going to start a similar thread last night , the cows weren't diabolical like most sides that get flogged , in saying that the offloads absolutely killed them and they seem a side that is used to or coached against block plays which we do least of all clubs . I just think the way we play they had no answer 

  • They had their moments, but it was really only when the 3 Ferraris went to the bench after 30 minutes that they showed it. I will say I didn't think Scott Drinkwater was that good, he was outstanding for them last night.

  • I agree with Mutts, we were a bit off our game for big periods of this game - primarily in that first half. We didn't seem to have the line speed or that energy of previous weeks.
    That's obviously got alot to do with our draw - it won't be easy either the next 3 games either.....

    Speaking of draw, don't you just love the commentary? We get told how we were given an inside rails run with the draw. All games since COVID at home yarda yarda...

    What they don't mention or conveniently forget to mention, is that we played essentially the top 4 teams in consecutive weeks, at home but without our supporters. The supporters at BankWest are worth 12 points per game IMO. Imagine these contests, especially the roosters one, was played in front 30k mad screaming eels fans?? I honestly think we win that game. But that's ok......keep talking down this side Fox and 9.

    • We certainly missed Evans and Niukori coming off the bench (ie with Brown starting). With a full side our bench is pretty good and offers some room to play. Put Stone in as the 4th sub for extra defence or Taka or even Field for some attacking spark. That would go a long way to providing some momemtum when Paulo and RCG go off. Horses for courses, which is a great luxury to have.

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