Has anyone heard if Corey harawira naera is being chased by parramatta for 2021. Apparently west tigers, Canberra and parramatta all interested. This is all subject to being cleared by the NRL. 

peni terpo and Daniel Alvaro close to signing with warriors and bulldogs respectively 






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  • Thought he delisted etc?

    Is that for just this season?

  • Geez we are really getting alot of panthers players if he is

    • Not panther, he a bulldog now, hence the sex scandal. 

      • Yeah he was a panther before as well lol

        • So he used to be a bush pig

          • 6727521701?profile=RESIZE_584x

            • Those damn outta options night's are all fine and dandy until the next morning. 

      • Oh karupt. You kill me dude.

        Gold right there.


  • Did anyone read that Raiders were being given 150k to spend this year because Bateman was injured on Rep duties? CHN was one name being mentioned as an astute buy as well as our own Andrew Davies.

  • Corey WN is a good player, He was a big loss for teh Dogs. This is where I think the NRL falls down I think it is wrong a team like the Dogs who are struggling massively have stood strong and cut this bloke for being a tool. Now a team like us or the Raiders pick him up making them stronger and the dogs weaker. No wonder the comp looks like there is 2 divisions.

    With the amount of injured middle we have I don't think we should be letting both Peni and Alvaro go at the moment. Let Alvaro go first. 

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