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Some of the blogs and comments have summed it up pretty well, but I think most of the comments seemed not to be the determinate of how you should rate the performance. It was more about how we went and people confirming their own predetermined views.I would like to suggest every game is going to be resulted over particular cicumstances and therefore what can we learn as a result. The coach has a responsibility to do more, Fong's Blog rightly pointed out it was not the end of the earth.......but what we learn from it should be the focus.

1. You only play as well as the opposition and circumstances permit. We are not a good enough side yet to decide our own fate.....think about that last sentence. The very good sides specifically Storm and Roosters can do that. The coach (and he has never done or achieved this) needs to come up with alternatives, yes plan's B &/or C.

2. Canberra played very well and "beat us up in the first half" hindsight made it a simple game plan, attack behind our ruck, smash our wingers every time they brought it up. Fergs copped the treatment big time and is/was playing too much to his press reports.

3. The referreing was abysmal, not one 50/50 call went our way. I expected no different with Pennera but the other "little prick" looked like a Junior Charlie Chaplan trying to be meaningful before he was famous, how much attention do you need.....don't even know the prick's name.

4. Individually and this is my major criticism of the coach....we will never win big games with Kane Evans and David Gower coming off the bench.....we had two players in Ray Stone & Kaufusi who could have made a huge difference. Now add Taka to that group to being only a back up, never consider him as a forward. Young Salmon is never going to be anything but a fill in, whether he can handle centre is another question to be asked. I presume he has plenty of pace on Taka and can run a straight line. If Taka could run straight hard and fast, he would have 6 tries this year. Salmon can still set up wingers if he play's in the centres?. He seems tough enough.

I am loathe to criticise the coach because of the bashing's he receives but strategically he showed no "nounce" or imagination for how the game should have been approached. I said when the teams came out they will come through the back of the ruck.....we defended pretty well and when you look at their tries they came from kicks with the exception of Papali's and the attempts to defuse them was ordinary. The only problem is they "wore" us out, this was their tactic, what was ours?

Finally the try disallowed from the forward pass (? no way was it forward) could have changed the game......6 points our way. Taka dropped the ball with the line wide open late in the 2nd half.......19-10 or 19-12 would have been a fairer result IMO. Don't worry Canberra know they played a game!!!

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    • Yes. those views are pertinent parts of the discussion as were Krams and Supers. Shite HKF and me hardly ever agree and there you are we are respecting and agreeing with each others views. I think what HKF and I were both trying to say was that the predictability of our unchanged tactics yesterday maybe caused the subsequent events. The right question then to be asked and is a worthwhile part of this discussion is, what would you do differently, if anything at all?

      These views exist the reality is no one will take any notice of us, but it is good to see the way we think about things.

      Afterall we still love our team and support everyone associated with it.

      • Something that needs to be addressed is your observation going back to the 2nd half of the roosters game that teams are attacking our lack of mobility behind the ruck. Mannah and Gower use to be quite agile but with age their ability to quickly adjust has diminished, add Mahoney who is a good little defender but he is a low tackler, this allows either an offload or at least a quick play the ball as the ball carrier is landing on his front, throw in Alvaro and Moeroa who are both on the plodder spectrum as far as mobility goes and we have all sorts of issues. I think going forward Mau is an option at lock playing a similar role to Cameron Murray at souths, he is mobile, quick on his feet and has an offload. I believe he could cover that area behind the ruck quite effectivly.

        • Thanks HKF, I didn't think people remembered that far back....yes it was the lateral mobility of our forward mix that you and I are both referring to. That's why I would like to see Ray Stone given a run at lock.....he could add another dimension to our ruck defence.

          Evans once and for all has to be put in line with his overall capacity, yes he was strong taking the ball up and the like but his physical ability to adjust doesn't work. I cannot see Lane and Evans in the same side. Evan's playing 20 minutes is a total waste IMO.

          You are right Manu Ma'u could give us the same flexibility. Terepo is good value  and to be frank I think Mannah deserves his bench spot....he will be tested when Utoikamanu and Kaufusi start hitting their straps, but that is heading into year end and next.

          I will be dissapointed if Evans is in the 17 this weekend, not to denigrate him any more than he has been since joining us, he has improved but not to the standard we require if we are going to be competitive enough to be a top 4 finisher. No I am not kidding when I say that, I dont see a lot of difference between 4 and 14 after you take the top 3 out.

          Manly, Canberra, Wests, Newcastle, Broncs, Cronulla, Cowboys, Penrith, St George

          Leaving out Gold Coast and Bulldogs

          Who could imagine fighting 4th spot with.....I'd say Canberra and Cronulla.

          In of those sides outside the top 3 you would consider we couldn't beat on our day?

          I will even put my head firmly in the noose and say that Souths could still find some ordinary times ahead. Obviously they are in the top 3 at present.

          • My 2 bobs worth pops for the bench players would be Mannah, Terepo, Kafusi & Stone.  Whoever gets picked in the backs are there for 80.

            Jnr has shown he can go for 60 minutes, the question is at what point does he have his 20min break.  I certainly would prefer Stone over Gower, even though I believe Gower adds to the team, likewise Kafusi for Evans.

            My concerns in regards to the backs center around Salmon as at this point and its early days is he is not a 5/8, unless he can learn very fast. If we lose Fergo we are faced with some more problems on the wings, Gennings is still out until R7 leaving the only options as Hoffman or Parry, Hoff gives experience though.

            Only other backs option perhaps is French to 6 and Salmon to wing, leaving Taka and Mennings in the centres.

  • Were you pissed when you wrote this blog Poppa?

    Really? You’ve already written off Salmon and reckon 2 kids with very limited experience are the answer. Have you even seen Stone & Kafusi play?

    • Context Turps, no comparisons were made between Salmon and the two forwards, the comparisons were that I would prefer for strategic and potential to say they would be better than Evans & Gower.
      Salmon shows me no perspective to say he is creative enough to be a half, I did make a suggestion that he could/maybe replace Taka as a centre as it seems to me that Salmon is tough enough, runs hard and fast and could still set up his winger.
      I think your use of "written off" is much stronger than anything I said.
      Turps, you a very good judge, better than me and have a lot of recent experience with these young players....the blog was written as a discussion piece with opinions.....I am pleased you have commented because of your knowledge.
      Take this away from me and focus on the relevant points you need to make. I am happy to be corrected on Salmon if I am missing something.
      I watched Stone last year when he played some first grade and also in last years reserve grade side, where he seemed the only trier on some occasions. I have only seen Kafusi play on a few and limited occasions, I thought I saw enough to think he has enormous potential, he hardly got a run against Cronulla and was picked in the 17 and then left out of this Canberra game for the inclusion of Gower.
      We all know the contribution that Gower makes/ has made but I did go on record to say if we have to use Gower this year then we are in trouble. Against that Canberra side Gower was and will be ineffective. He is better value against a loose defending side and his own defence doesn't hurt.

      He has again proven this year how handy he can be, I think that BA has to be circumspect just the same when he picks him notwithstanding his popularity and being a favourite of everyone.

  • If anyone here has access to reading the DT, there is this article that could be interesting to read the heading of which says:  Eels Robbed, NRL must change on Forward Passes.

    As usual with everything with the DT you have to subscribe to be able to read 99.9% of articles.

    • Colin, Where's a sawn-off shot gun when you need one?

      Why the hell can't the bunker make a call on a forward pass? It's ridiculous. Maybe it's too time-consuming for them to follow the entire game looking out for mistakes. Fine. Just rule on the whole set leading up to a try. Commonsense.

      For God's sake, make the game fairer and not so lop-sided and heavily fated by a mistake-riddled maniac with the whistle, playing God.

      • Why blame the referee or the bunker as we were beaten by a better team.  We have not beaten the Raiders at home for many years. Why? The bookmakers also knew the outcome beforehand as Canberra were redhot favourites. The fadeout in the Roosters game, may be explained by the 5 day turnaround. Greg Leisiano is a member of our squad, why is he never mentioned as a wing replacement. Give the young ones a go, as they are the future of our club. We should blood the young ones against the teams that are likely to beat us anyway, and see what they are made of.

        • Thing is Keith when the refs seem to only notice errors from one team then there is something wrong.  I have read more than one commentry on this match and not by eels supporters that have each indicated at least one or two tries were pulled back by dubious calls, same thing happened when we were penalised for pulling Morris over the line when MM was off on a run.

          The Raiders may have been the better team as far as the end result shows, but when the wash up comes the two no trys were match killers for the eels, they may not have won in the end but the way it was controlled by the refs, and its been similar in each match this year even the ones we have won.

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