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Some of the blogs and comments have summed it up pretty well, but I think most of the comments seemed not to be the determinate of how you should rate the performance. It was more about how we went and people confirming their own predetermined views.I would like to suggest every game is going to be resulted over particular cicumstances and therefore what can we learn as a result. The coach has a responsibility to do more, Fong's Blog rightly pointed out it was not the end of the earth.......but what we learn from it should be the focus.

1. You only play as well as the opposition and circumstances permit. We are not a good enough side yet to decide our own fate.....think about that last sentence. The very good sides specifically Storm and Roosters can do that. The coach (and he has never done or achieved this) needs to come up with alternatives, yes plan's B &/or C.

2. Canberra played very well and "beat us up in the first half" hindsight made it a simple game plan, attack behind our ruck, smash our wingers every time they brought it up. Fergs copped the treatment big time and is/was playing too much to his press reports.

3. The referreing was abysmal, not one 50/50 call went our way. I expected no different with Pennera but the other "little prick" looked like a Junior Charlie Chaplan trying to be meaningful before he was famous, how much attention do you need.....don't even know the prick's name.

4. Individually and this is my major criticism of the coach....we will never win big games with Kane Evans and David Gower coming off the bench.....we had two players in Ray Stone & Kaufusi who could have made a huge difference. Now add Taka to that group to being only a back up, never consider him as a forward. Young Salmon is never going to be anything but a fill in, whether he can handle centre is another question to be asked. I presume he has plenty of pace on Taka and can run a straight line. If Taka could run straight hard and fast, he would have 6 tries this year. Salmon can still set up wingers if he play's in the centres?. He seems tough enough.

I am loathe to criticise the coach because of the bashing's he receives but strategically he showed no "nounce" or imagination for how the game should have been approached. I said when the teams came out they will come through the back of the ruck.....we defended pretty well and when you look at their tries they came from kicks with the exception of Papali's and the attempts to defuse them was ordinary. The only problem is they "wore" us out, this was their tactic, what was ours?

Finally the try disallowed from the forward pass (? no way was it forward) could have changed the game......6 points our way. Taka dropped the ball with the line wide open late in the 2nd half.......19-10 or 19-12 would have been a fairer result IMO. Don't worry Canberra know they played a game!!!

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              • Poppa, This is no joke my friend, just serendipity, and I never planned this. We stumbled on another stray kitten, Romeo. He is a dead set doppleganger of the late Milky, just stronger and more playful.

                And to think my wife & I decided, not to my delight, on a strict "no furry legged pets policy" due to safety concerns, when our little one was born.

                Sometimes the value of life comes before laws. And for one door to open, another closes.

      • Never saw him do anything creative???? How many tries did he score a couple of years back with abilities that others could only dream about???

        • Miss the point Colin, I saw all what you saw and loved his individual briliance, which he has abundance of.....creativity in the sense I said it and I don't think you see "create" the same way, is to construct or build or as a playmaker set up a play.

          Don't worry I think it is an interpretation issue.

          NB I haven't seen him play as a half/ves but he did play a lot of junior football there.....he is just the same a player that needs room.....even playing fullback he struggled trying to backup through the ruck or even chiming into the backline.

          He has got instinctive skills and you never know a season in reserve grade may turn him into a half and a play maker. He has not demonstrated any such abilities at present but if we were desperate to play a half he may be able to swing it with the right support. They will still smash him at some point just the same.


          • His first two games at 6 with Wenty he got good reports, and scored well in both games, last match Wenty went down so no reports as to how he went there.  Seems some of the names that are mentioned for the eels side didn't do that well either against Mounties.

  • At the end of the day it's a game, and it's a sport. There's always gonna be losses.

    I never get too stressed if the lads get beat but have had a genuine crack and haven't chucked the towel in. I wasn't stressed when the Roosters beat us and wasn't too stressed last night.

    I was pissed after nearly every loss last year.

    We just made to many errors and didn't get much luck.

    And, most importantly, we don't win in Canberra. I think we're now 4 from 29 or something ridiculous like that.

    We do well at stadium openings though. We won at Parra Stadium in '86 and we won at Stadium Australia in '99. Bring on Easter Monday :))

    • I'm sort of the same Kram. I was more pissed last night than the Roosters game. We didn't give ourselves a chance last night. 15 minutes of completions and I reckon we'd have scored two tries. As well as the Raiders played, we made it very easy on them. Was impressed with our defensive capabilities. They were resorting to early kicks and at times looked aimless. Really, a top side should've cracked us in that 22 minute period on our own line.

      For me that separates this side and last year. We didn't roll over and the fact that two of Canberra's tries came from kicks is testament to that application in defence. A mark of a good defensive side is their scramble and there were several times last night where Canberra looked like they were about to score and our defence just turned up.

      Proud of the effort. Not proud in the performance and execution though.

      In a way it feels like one of those games of soccer where you sit real deep, don't control the mid-field but you just manage to scrape by. Had we gone the length of the field it'd be the equivalent to hitting a team on the counter and beating the keeper one-on-one.

      • We can expect a very similar performance by the Wests Tigers next week. They don’t throw a lot at you in attack but they keep coming and keep hitting in Defence. We’d better sort out our handling for next week. Hopefully it’s a nice day and dry track and we can play a bit of footy. The likelihood of no Fergo worries me though. 

        • I agree mate.

          I reckon that last night's loss, while not ideal, will help us focus for Monday. Just like the opening in '86 this one will be a game that every fan remembers for eternity. It's a huge day in the club's history. If anything I reckon the team will need to keep a lid on their intensity. The loss to Canberra will have done nothing but stoke the fire.

          I also get the feeling player's minds may have already been on Monday (to some extent)

          Agree Fergo's a huge blow but if the rest of 'em do their job we should be right..

      • Nothing to add to that Supe :)

  • Up until this game our forward pack has rolled on off the back of our back 3 getting our sets rolling, this has allowed our forwards to offload pretty much at will. The difference from the earlier games to this one was the Raiders honing in on our back 3 and smashing them before they could get on the front foot, they followed that up with extremely quick line speed and man handled our forward pack. We did not adjust to this and stuck with our usual game plan that has worked so effectivly this season, it produced error apon error. This is where BA needs to do better as a coach, if our default plan is not working or if we face similar situations in future games i would like to think BA would have a fall back plan, there didn't seem to be one for this game. For instance, after defending our line for about 20 mins we should have shelved our offloads in our own half, kicked to the corners on early tackles finding touch if possible, at least until we gained some ascendancy and then we could roll on with our default plan. 

    People need to remember what the context of this blog is, it's about identifying things we could be doing better, i didn't expect a win in canberra but i was hopefull and whilst i'm not dissapointed with the effort i am dissapointed with our excecution and what seemed like a lack of back up plan because we really could have won that game after that great defensive effort in the first 20-30 minutes.

    Another thing that has me concerned was that we let the Raiders bash us and disrespect us and did nothing about it, when Wighton rubbed Fergo's broken nose someone should have grabbed him and ruffed him up a bit, the same when Bateman throw the ball at Lanes head for no apparent reason, our response was soft.

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