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Some of the blogs and comments have summed it up pretty well, but I think most of the comments seemed not to be the determinate of how you should rate the performance. It was more about how we went and people confirming their own predetermined views.I would like to suggest every game is going to be resulted over particular cicumstances and therefore what can we learn as a result. The coach has a responsibility to do more, Fong's Blog rightly pointed out it was not the end of the earth.......but what we learn from it should be the focus.

1. You only play as well as the opposition and circumstances permit. We are not a good enough side yet to decide our own fate.....think about that last sentence. The very good sides specifically Storm and Roosters can do that. The coach (and he has never done or achieved this) needs to come up with alternatives, yes plan's B &/or C.

2. Canberra played very well and "beat us up in the first half" hindsight made it a simple game plan, attack behind our ruck, smash our wingers every time they brought it up. Fergs copped the treatment big time and is/was playing too much to his press reports.

3. The referreing was abysmal, not one 50/50 call went our way. I expected no different with Pennera but the other "little prick" looked like a Junior Charlie Chaplan trying to be meaningful before he was famous, how much attention do you need.....don't even know the prick's name.

4. Individually and this is my major criticism of the coach....we will never win big games with Kane Evans and David Gower coming off the bench.....we had two players in Ray Stone & Kaufusi who could have made a huge difference. Now add Taka to that group to being only a back up, never consider him as a forward. Young Salmon is never going to be anything but a fill in, whether he can handle centre is another question to be asked. I presume he has plenty of pace on Taka and can run a straight line. If Taka could run straight hard and fast, he would have 6 tries this year. Salmon can still set up wingers if he play's in the centres?. He seems tough enough.

I am loathe to criticise the coach because of the bashing's he receives but strategically he showed no "nounce" or imagination for how the game should have been approached. I said when the teams came out they will come through the back of the ruck.....we defended pretty well and when you look at their tries they came from kicks with the exception of Papali's and the attempts to defuse them was ordinary. The only problem is they "wore" us out, this was their tactic, what was ours?

Finally the try disallowed from the forward pass (? no way was it forward) could have changed the game......6 points our way. Taka dropped the ball with the line wide open late in the 2nd half.......19-10 or 19-12 would have been a fairer result IMO. Don't worry Canberra know they played a game!!!

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    • In isolation I can accept that Adam but surely there are some things we can do better, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.....hence my comments about Evans and Gower (god love him) being better served with Stone and Kaufisi.

      • One of our game managers is out injured at the moment. I just think it's a bit premature after last night's loss to call for a review of the coach's strategy or selections. As others have said we could have easily got rolled by 50 or more last night given how much ball we had. Sometimes in life Pop we have to accept there are some things we cannot change.

      • Gower played because he's versatile (middle + edge) and has an offload which I think was BA's plan A - not that you'd know with the way the game played out. Kaufusi's involvement last week (1 run in 20 mins) and his middle forward status (which Mannah, Evans, Terepo cover as well) means this selection makes sense. Our bench could do with some balance and speed (maybe Will Smith is being missed). I'd love to see Stone given a run; he sets the defensive speed is versatile and he can cover #9.  

  • Poppa, I agree with some of your sentiments,but when the teams is being beaten by the best defensive outfit with only 44 points scored against them Plan A,B, and C is not going to work. Their reserve grade side is also unbeaten and therefore have better quality backups. We don't have a centre or 5/8 to call upon.  Moses panicked again,ilke last year and Salmon does not run the ball. Our skipper tries too hard and wants to win the game all by himself. We reverted back to one out football . Josh Hodgson was allowed to roam at will, with no pressure applied. We have to experiment again if we want to stay competitive. Lets try Bevan French at 5/8 as he is fast and creative. Ray Stone should also be tried as well as Greg Leisiano , A top 4 spot is pure fantasy. The betting agencies have us finishing between 9 and 11 on the ladder. Grunta summed it up pretty well, apart from calling your blog 'WAFFLE' as I think your article has a lot of merit

  • Poppa,

    We decided our fate. We dropped the ball and made silly errors. 19 errors and completed 54% of our sets. Suicide. The Raiders pressured us and we buckled.

    I don't think we could win many more games if any, playing like this.

    And we don't have any immortals to pull a rabbit out of the hat, to get us out of a game we deserve to lose.

    The Raiders, Roosters, Storm, and Rabbits to a degree are the form teams. And we would struggle to win, against them, unless we're playing close to our best for 80mins. Easy to say, but not to do.

    Gower and Evans are not top 17. Evans should retire. I don't know why he plays. I'm iffy about Stone, but Kaufausi could develop into a top 17 oneday, so I agree with you on him.

    But at the moment we can't play our top 17. The two Browns and Fergo form some of our best.

    Also, the Raiders had a bit of luck with tries of dubious calls, possible forward passes and scoring off ricochet kicks. It could have been much closer. Still good luck to them, they're off to their best start in about 15 years.

    Bottom line is we just weren't as switched on, and we didn't want the game as much. We deserved to lose. And we're missing some of our class too.

    It's up to the whole team, including Arthur, to find a way to get to playing with more smarts and courage again. And the hunger to win for 80 minutes. If we do that, we'll be winning more games than losing. If we don't we'll be losing streak until the end of the season.

    • Keith and HOE, respect what you say and it is hard to argue with......I have always been critical of BA's selections, but still support him.

      One final thing on Bevan French, I have been one of his biggest supporters and greatest fans but I have hardly ever seen him doing anything creative, put him near the ruck and he will be smashed. IMO

      I am not sure where his confidence is but presumably the coaching staff do know to some extent. I doubt that his confidence has recovered from his knee injury 18 months ago. That's not to say that he has lost the drive to play at the highest level, just the confidence to back himself in to it.

      • Popps, I'm almost inclined to avoid talking about Fench anymore. It's almost like talking about our 2 stray kittens that died last week, and buried in our garden. It's sad.

        I really like French, and would like nothing more than him succeeding. He's talented and does do some freakish things occasionally, both in attack and defence.

        But I agree he would get smashed in the middle. Almost anywhere. 10-20 years ago he could have been a star. But the game has changed. Unless he can re-model his physique.

        His body just isn't built for NRL today; but would be deliriously happy to be wrong.

        • Hell , they also said the same about  Mitchell  Moses in his first  games  for the tigers 

          • Good point, Christeel. I suppose once upon a time Thurston was said to be too small too. Also, the Fox re-modelled his slender frame over the off-season, too. Time will tell.

            • I'm an unabashed Moses fan as well and all the comparisons with other small players are supportive for French's case. BUT at the moment I am with HOE at the bottom of the garden mourning the two kittens.

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