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Some of the blogs and comments have summed it up pretty well, but I think most of the comments seemed not to be the determinate of how you should rate the performance. It was more about how we went and people confirming their own predetermined views.I would like to suggest every game is going to be resulted over particular cicumstances and therefore what can we learn as a result. The coach has a responsibility to do more, Fong's Blog rightly pointed out it was not the end of the earth.......but what we learn from it should be the focus.

1. You only play as well as the opposition and circumstances permit. We are not a good enough side yet to decide our own fate.....think about that last sentence. The very good sides specifically Storm and Roosters can do that. The coach (and he has never done or achieved this) needs to come up with alternatives, yes plan's B &/or C.

2. Canberra played very well and "beat us up in the first half" hindsight made it a simple game plan, attack behind our ruck, smash our wingers every time they brought it up. Fergs copped the treatment big time and is/was playing too much to his press reports.

3. The referreing was abysmal, not one 50/50 call went our way. I expected no different with Pennera but the other "little prick" looked like a Junior Charlie Chaplan trying to be meaningful before he was famous, how much attention do you need.....don't even know the prick's name.

4. Individually and this is my major criticism of the coach....we will never win big games with Kane Evans and David Gower coming off the bench.....we had two players in Ray Stone & Kaufusi who could have made a huge difference. Now add Taka to that group to being only a back up, never consider him as a forward. Young Salmon is never going to be anything but a fill in, whether he can handle centre is another question to be asked. I presume he has plenty of pace on Taka and can run a straight line. If Taka could run straight hard and fast, he would have 6 tries this year. Salmon can still set up wingers if he play's in the centres?. He seems tough enough.

I am loathe to criticise the coach because of the bashing's he receives but strategically he showed no "nounce" or imagination for how the game should have been approached. I said when the teams came out they will come through the back of the ruck.....we defended pretty well and when you look at their tries they came from kicks with the exception of Papali's and the attempts to defuse them was ordinary. The only problem is they "wore" us out, this was their tactic, what was ours?

Finally the try disallowed from the forward pass (? no way was it forward) could have changed the game......6 points our way. Taka dropped the ball with the line wide open late in the 2nd half.......19-10 or 19-12 would have been a fairer result IMO. Don't worry Canberra know they played a game!!!

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  • What a load of self involved, waffle.

    The halves were poor. We made too many errors due to the Raiders up and in our face pressure.

    We had injuries.We were off our game and starved of possession.

    We lost.

    We forget about it and look forward to moving into our new home.

    We May have ended up letting three tries in last night, but what a hell of a defensive display.

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    • We haven't been able to win a game against a side thats up and in our face since and including the 2017 semi against Nth QLD !

      • That’s another blog to deal with...


  • I agree totally Poppa. Canberra came out with the intent to hunt as a pack and belt us. We had no answer either from coach or Moses. We were going backwards after the first few sets. Where is plan B? 

    • How were we going backwards after the 1st few sets? We didn't have the ball for the 1st 25 minutes or so, the Raiders got repeat sets and gifted with some very soft, late set penalties (ones that certainly weren't replicated when we had the ball).

      Momentum is a huge thing in the game, the Raiders had all the momentum, unfortunately some of it they didn't actually earn, rather it was handed to them by Perenara and co. Despite all that we scored the 1st try after 25 odd minutes only for them to call it back on a ridiculously incorrect forward pass call. That would have completely changed the momentum, we would have been tails up in the air after defending that onslaught and getting 1st points and the Raiders would have imploded after not being able to score with all that possession and field position. That 1 terrible call would have made an enormous impact on the flow and momentum of that game. There were other calls they got wrong too, but that one was a disgrace. I was at the pub and a table near me had 3 Raiders fans - they all agreed it was the wrong call.


  • You see - this is why despite all the praise, there is a hesitation to go again with BA. The Raiders are full of Ray Stones- young aggressive forwards. Instead we go with Gower and Evans on the bench ! 

    Gower has been a great magnificent player for the Eels but is at the end of this journey and Evans is exactly the wrong type of player you pit against a hard mobile nuggety pack. 

    You have Gower, Evans and an off Tep - Plus an aging Taka in the side and wonder why things went a little off rails ? I know we have done injuries but Kaufusi and Stone were absolute musts for this game. 


  • Yehnah this a damn poor blog.

    Coach doesn't drop the ball. Plain and simple. We dropped a lot of ball out there, handed the initiative to Canberra and the scoreline was a reflection of that. Our defensive display was what kept us in that match. Canberra really should have scored six or seven tries but two of their tries came from kicks.

    There's no point saying "well this player shouldn't have played, or we should've played this player." Bottom line, that's bullsh!t. Ray Stone and Oregon Kaufusi were not going to turn that game around and nor can you level the blame purely at Gower and Evans. You try to criticise the coach but, let's face it, the players cost us that one. Hard to stay fresh around the ruck when you defend six sets in a row and then try to execute our own tactics having defended for 20 minutes straight.

    Saying this player may have helped, or that player, is just a hypothesis with no evidence. Stone could've played and missed three tackles and made two errors and you'd be attacking him for it saying we should've had more experience. I didn't see any criticisms of Gower and very few of Evans in the first four games. You've slated Taka but he's set up a bunch of tries on his edge across the opening month and taken plenty of heavy carries out of our own end. By the end of the game he was playing on the wing, a position he's probably never played in his career.

    We don't have an option to move Salmon until Dylan Brown is fit, so that point is moot.

    You talk about Plans B & C. We didn't even try Plan A. Hell, we couldn't execute two consecutive sets. Doesn't matter what bloody plan you have if you don't hold the damn ball.

    Also funnily enough, Plan A when executed, has led to three wins and hanging with the defending premiers in our four other games.

    This is one of those games you just forget about. Different story had we held the ball and played at our best and still got beat. But we just forget it and go again next week against the Tigers for the opening of Bankwest.

    • Spot on Super, perfect summation.


      • Where you are wrong Super is that you criticised the blog rather than discussing, there was a very legitimate conversation and your points maybe valid.

        FH made the same points re players, the rest of the opinions centred on what did happen, within the discussion that was legitimate, but the advice you apply is what?

        Nothing, change nothing do nothing.....sorry that's where we can go with the discussion.

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