• Yes

          After knowing 100% talks are done, i know this for a fact


          the "Done Deal" headline is my calculated guess ...


        • Fuck I'm more confused then normal

      • Just kidding Pauly, you know we are very inclusive on here? So what you got Marty Tapau wrong,at least you tried,we still value your input bud.Don't let the bastards drag you down.keep up the good work.


          All good... Its funny, 

          nobody likes an early scoop....

          mate did i get slated for fergo and RCG 

          and nobody wanted Shaun Lane i think i got banned from here for saying such things 


          anyway all good 

          • Hope you are right. At minimum it makes the site more interesting.


          • This reply was deleted.
            • I don't know why a grown man would do that, but i can tell you that my profile pic is of Lewis Hamilton wearing an arabic outfit to respect the Arabs in Saudi Arabia at the same time wearing a $250k gold necklace of Jesus Christ.

              I loved it....

              So ive been told (not by general media) most likely he will be choosing Manly over Parramatta.


              you need to understand that Manly wasn't his only choice. Parra was definitely in the mix, as usual i will bring you those scoops on who we are in talks with. What happens after is not in my control, i might add in a sneaky "done deal" but that I don't know for sure 

              You don't have to take it as the truth

              but it is what it is...



              • Don't resort to explaining yourself Pauly Pauly

                As the usual gang doesn't care about facts they live in their fantasy land.

              • I'll put it out there mate......any other info about possible signings?

      • When you say every player is coming to parra, you need to get one right. 

  • Well Manly do suddenly have an extra vacancy in their top 30.

This reply was deleted.

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