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Must start soon as possible at the next home game. He can't improve the players, he can't inspire the team. It's time the Parra faithful stopped whinging and actually did something useful with their voice. But pressure on senior management to dump this pretender of a coach.

I'll start of the chant.

"Feck off BA, you country w"nker"

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He’s not country, he’s more URBAN! So feck BA you URBAN wanker!

Everyone had their own opinion.  I've been a supporter of BA as I was proud of how our club responded under him the past 2 years with the cap scandal.

but the facts are we have had a dismal year, through both coaching and recruitment. The buck stops with him in this situation. He actually had more of a excuse last year with constant injuries to our halves and bookers and that impacted upon our attack. But this year Those key positions have not been impacted as much from injuries and spine players have not performed which falls under the coaching and recruitment .

look at the dogs des had them in finals every year , yet the writing was on the wall with his coaching , team performance and recruitment strategy . The idiots re signed him and did even worse purchases and they are a shambles , giving BA more time just puts us further into the dogs position . 

He has no creativity , no answers ... no induvidual

accountability , sorry he loves Parra probably the most out of any of our most recent coaches , but it’s not enough

time to try again ( sigh)

Spot on Carlo.

Well said Carlo.

Ah the old “lets oust the coach” campaign. This reminds me of brian smiths last year with us.

and some butt puppets on here want brian smith back.

what a time to be a parra fan!!!

drop m jennings to wenty for the rest of the year.

if brad arthurs so bad , the cowboys coach is also bad after tonight laying down late in the game, and put in the dogs coach who'sno better


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