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Calling Out Frankie Fong

OK Frankie, time for you to try and actually debate some things - if you are able. I'm sick and tired of the incessant Roosters this, Roosters that - it's an Eels site mate. I'm not sure how you survive, you couldn't go into a Coles or Woolies to shop - you'd hit the deli section, see chicken breasts and start having a tug, same for the frozen section and the old steggles chook would have you dropping your strides again, chip aisles and the Samboy Chicken chips set you off again, chicken noodle soup and chicken nuggets - you'd be red raw. I'm also sick of that fact that whenever anyone questions your narrow minded views, instead of debating them, you immediately revert to trying to belittle them. You carry on like you're some massive leader of Industry with friends in the highest places. You try and force your views down peoples throats and then have the hide to come back with insults and name calling when they post an opposing view. Mate, it's getting very, very boring and oh so predictable, I actually now start to chuckle when I read some of the dribble and feel sorry for you. If you are such a heavy hitter, like you love to tell us, instead of telling anyone and everyone how the club should be run - despite some of your ideas being completely illegal (Rooster like), a fact you still won't admit - how about you get off your arse and actually do something? Or are you too busy propping up Politis and the Roosters, your number 1 loves?

So you're number one go to is the old Bush Coach call, something you seemed proud to claim as the catchphrase you invented. Unfortunately, this means you have also labelled some very good coaches as Bush Coaches, as there's plenty that have a similar CV to BA over the last 5-6 years. Funnily enough, you don't seem to have put forward a suggestion as to who this new master coach we should be chasing is - well not that I've seen? Immediately I ask legitimate questions, you revert to your normal defense mode - belittle, name calling and ignoring the question. So once again, for the last time, here's your chance to actually answer some real questions, if you have the balls to do so.

According to you I am some BA lover and head of his fan club. That's complete BS, but your normal go to response to anything I post. I've questioned BA's selections, bench rotations and I am not happy with the way we are world beaters one game and absolute duds the next. I've also openly admitted many times that I don't know if BA is the right coach for us going forward. I've openly stated my assumptions of what has happened behind the scenes and not once has anyone actually answered the questions I've asked, not once - crickets. So here they are again in bullet point form. I'd appreciate if you and your "followers" can actually debate these rather than reverting to your usual cheapshot fallbacks. Now I stress, I'm not talking about on-field results, as I've claimed many times, the on-field stuff is affected by the off-field issues - something you have to agree with given your love of posting how all things Roosters start with your bum buddy Politis. SO, please comment on these assumptions that I've posted several times in the past for someone to clarify or refute:-

  1. BA took over a team that won 2 wooden spoons
  2. We improved the next year, 2015
  3. We improved even further the next year, 2016 and would have played semi final footy except for the salary cap saga
  4. We lost several players like Peats and Junior
  5. We were not able to recruit players due to the issues, we had to shed blokes on decent coin and replace them with "cheapies"
  6. We had Administrators come in and they're still here to this day due to the factions not allowing the Liquor and Gaming reforms to go through
  7. Despite this, we certainly overachieved in 2017 and should have gone further except for the NRL making sure the Storm won by any means in our first semi. We were flat for the next one against the team that also made the GF, the Cowboys
  8. 2018 was diabolical, results were terrible and we deserved the spoon 100%. However, I maintain that the loss of Semi was a bigger hit than anyone expected. Also, the NRL's last minute decision to have the refs blow 30-40 penalties a game slowed the game dramatically, which suited the bigger packs and crucified our smaller mobile pack that was so strong in the late part of 2017.
  9. Under Administrators funding was cut to the footy department, we were not staffed even remotely as close to other NRL teams
  10. We have not recruited well up until the end of last season after the review, which clearly showed the funding cuts were a reality and the powers that be agreed to open the chequebook some more
  11. We started to recruit to fill the gaps we were shown to be deficient at in 2018 - Junior added the big body in the middle, Fergo and Sivo added size and the carry back to the back 3, Lane has been a great edge forward signing. It's a start but we are still carrying too many non-NRL quality players
  12. We have started to have the Juniors come through from the systems that have been put in place - what % of those systems is down to BA I don't know, but apparently he's been a decent part of it. If someone in the know can clarify how that all panned out since BA arrived, that would be great to know
  13. The likes of Brown, Niukore, Mahoney and Kaufusi have debuted. We have Stefano coming through Wenty, both Under 18 NSW props are Eels juniors. These guys are just learning the ropes of being an NRL player week in week out, look at how many other clubs have promising juniors coming through that at some stage need a break or to go back a grade and work on things - it happens to everyone, it takes time. Are the signs positive? I'd suggest YES, very positive
  14. Has BA been granted unfettered, complete autonomy in the retention and recruitment of players? I'd suggest NO based on what I've read and heard
  15. Has BA been allowed to chase whomever he wants and for whatever price to compete with the top teams? I'd suggest NO
  16. Has the affect of the Administrators and cost cutting affected our on-field situation? I'd suggest absolutely YES
  17. If the assumptions I've made in numbers 13-16 are true, is it fair for people to be blaming BA for the on-field performances? In part YES (strategy, bench rotations etc), but in part a massive NO (I believe he's doing what he can with the cattle he's been allowed - remember, zero current rep players, at least $50K under the cap)

Now Fong, try and respond to as many of the above as you can, no belittling, no chest beating and name calling, no mention of the Roosters. Here's your chance to show me that you can actually be a positive contributor to this site, not a whingeing Roosters fanboy. I've stated several times, and I'll say it again. I'm not a BA fanboy, I'm a lover of the Eels first and foremost and I want us to be competitive each and every year. I've openly said BA may not be the right coach for us, I 100% agree, but I don't think he's been given even close to the tools he requires to have a fair crack at the job. So any coach that follows him will also struggle if my assumptions above are correct. It appears that things are changing, we seem to be more active in the player market, we've dropped and are releasing some deadwood, we are being linked to some decent quality players, we've had more support staffed employed (something that I think we can defintiely improve on in quality as well). If you can prove to me that my facts and assumptions above are incorrect (particularly 13-16) I'll happily post another blog entitled "Brissyeel was Wrong, Fong was Right, BA needs to be sacked immediately". But for the life of me, I cannot see how people can blame BA for 100% of our issues, especially if some of my assumptions are correct. Every time I've stated this I get comments about our results on-field. It's not about the on-field stuff, that's a flow on from the off-filed things - Fong, your own recent blog about the Roosters highlights the fact you believe it all starts at the top with strong management - yet you put on your Eels hat and place the blame 100% on BA - mate, that's a complete contradiction!!!!


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      • Simpleton? Me? Because I have an opinion that aligns with original poster that wants to see people debate points without the name calling? I don’t think so.

        • Because you expect people to take hours replying to this in point form and if we dont you are assuming and stating nobody wants a mature debate.

          Have you missed us debating brissy on this for over a year?

          Any grown man who keeps on playing the victim or is offended for being called a dope or idiot needs to man up, its pathetic.

          Its a footy forum, our teams a joke, passions are high, get real, not everybody has to play the goodie two shoes role like yourself.

          Dont engage if you expect to be treated like a woman.

          • I don’t expect people to take hours to engage in something they don’t want to do. Their choice. If you don’t like it, don’t engage and move on. Not that I care about this bit, but the blog wasn’t addressed to you. You chose to participate.

            I appreciated Brissy’s “I’ve had enough attitude” and thoughtful response to that. Including the narrative if you don’t agree around here the name calling starts. Doesn’t worry me what I’m called, but plenty of people do get affected by this sort of stuff. And whether you like it or not is why many  are reluctant to participate. 

            Laughlingly, in two posts you’ve now called me a simpleton, goody two shoes, and a women (which I think was supposed to be an insult). All for agreeing with the concept of the original post. Brissy’s point made, sadly. 

      • Snake you're kidding aren't you? Where have you ever debated the off-field issues with me? I'm happy to admit I'm wrong if you show me. For fucks sake, take BA out of the equation if that makes it simpler for you and others - I wasn't debating whether BA should be coach, I'm debating if he has been given ample opportunity to coach. So I'll paraphrase for those that want to comment but admitted they haven't even bothered reading the post - quality contributions right there.

        • Known off-field events - salary cap drama, losing players, not being able to recruit to cover losses (ie. shed blokes on good coin and replace with "cheapies"), funding cuts (quite clearly accepted as fact after the Review) that reduced staffing etc
        • Assumed off-field events - inability to recruit sufficient quality players due to spending cuts (ie. $500K under cap etc.), resigning "duds" on the cheap, lack of input of coach into retention and recruitment (ie. Gurr said he was controling aspects of the footy club) etc.

        The knowns are knowns, simple. The assumptions are mine from what I've read and heard. Now regardless of who the coach is, once again take BA out of the equation, would these issues hamper any coach, including the Bellamy's and Robinsons? I'm suggesting yes they absolutely would. So the constant bleating of sack BA will continue for the next coach, and the next coach, and the next coach. Is it that hard to understand where I'm coming from? I want to be a successful club, BA may not be the right coach, until we fix what's broken off-field it won't matter who the coach is, agree or not? Maybe there's signs that the off-field stuff is partly being repaired - better recruitment late last year, more staffing etc. But I believe the fundamental issues are still alive and well - factions, failure to implement reforms etc. I know very little, if any, of this in-fighting, I've never been involved that closely with the Club. Fong apparently has if you are to believe him. So why can't he answer the relatively simple questions easily. If he can't, fine, just admit he doesn't know, I'm not going to crucify him for that. I'd just like some answers to give me a well informed overview of where we are at as a club, one we should all be supporting not bickering like school kids and name calling.


  • Good rant Brissy, BA has not had the easiest path, we know the history. But we are focussing on the present. Our club has been here before, building for the future, strategic plans, clean outs, new coaches, new boards, but here we are, 30 plus years on, still building, still looking into the future, hoping our juniors, our board, our recruitment team will make us the powerhouse club we once were.

    Signing Lane and Junior is move in the right direction but hardly worth wasting a load on.

    Looking at the present, BA took us to the semis in 2017, and a wooden spoon in 2018, and you put it down to loosing a winger? Semi was great but FFS, from 4th to last? Please mate, tell the last time a winger had such an impact on a team?

    To be the best, we must look at what the best is doing, Fong refers to the Roosters as a yard stick and they are, along with the Storm.

    The Eels are progressing but at what pace and compared to who? progression is not an achievement unless we are progressing faster than our competitors. Farting is an improvement over a spoon.

    The Sharks have been on the brink financially, busted for using drugs, lost their coach, caught for cheating the cap and they still field a team that can challenge for a premiership. Why can’t we do it? Why does this club take decades to take baby steps? Only to stubble, break a leg and end up at the end of the queue?

    While we are “building” 15 other teams are also building, regardless of where they are on the ladder. Are we progressing faster than our competitors?  Not even close, so questions need to be asked. It’s the same old crap, be patient, have faith, blah blah blah.


    • Well said Joe, seems our club cannot walk and chew gum at the same time

      Flano implemented a great footy program at the sharks, bronx and sharks have a production line of young kids NRL ready

      given the club is in  limbo its looks like spending on the footy side of things is not a priority 


  • Wow, Fong is really in your head. Let it go brother.

  • Good read, gave me good laugh.

  • 1. Agreed

    2. Agreed, but after 2 spoons the only way is up, and a little feels like a lot

    3. Agreed, but perhaps the adversity strenghtened us. BA excelled at binding us together. Nothing was more important for the team. Did good at this

    4. Irrelevant. We never should've had 'em. Caught cheating, remember

    5. Caught cheating, remember. Further, we made such a lousy job of it that we looked like bumbling fools. But BA never knew, right? Never heard whisper of rats on his ship? Symptom of Tin Ear

    6. If this is affecting us on-field the coach should loudly and publicly demand that the L\G reforms be implemented. Public opinion would make it happen. Staying silent is just hedging for your future.

    7. Agreed

    8. Diabolical is 14th. Spoon sick of bloody spoons. No more. No more i say! No player loss/ref excuses. Save that shit for when we finish 12th. Last place means it ain't working. 3 in one decade means something big is broken. We have'nt diagnosed it yet so better off smashing it to pieces and re-designing from scratch. Spoons are only good if used to stir things up

    9. See pt6

    10. ...but i thought, the admins...but, um...i'm confused

    11. Agreed re recruitment. The non nrl players are being carried by the coach

    12. We have always started to have juniors. Coming through, they say. It's the finishing school we lack.

    How's it panned out? How's Wenty going.

    13. Interpreting signs as positive future usually means that the present is shit. The present shit has been present for Our Decade of the Spoon. Signs back then were positive too, I'd assume

    14. Is this unusual in the nrl? If not, irrelevant

    15. "for whatever price".. Really? Paying overs? Again? Really? 

    I'm stupified. Further, this attitude created the problems you relied on in your pts3-4-5 and 6.

    Wow. Just. Wow. Are you throwing this debate? Have you got a bet on this, you sneaky monkey

    16. Just because you repeat yourself does not mean that i will do likewise. Ffs.

    17. Your if/then logic is false

    Fong can at least give me a chuckle

    The difference between you is that he knows when he is being a fuckwit.

     Don't worry, I'll show myself out


    • Randy, thanks for your nice little (tongue in cheek I'm sure) reply. By 16 I never suggested salary cap breaches, fuckwit - if you want to go down the usual name calling path as you did. People have gone down the sign Hasler route, well Hasler back-ended deals and stuffed the Eagles and Dogs. People have gone down the sign Flanno route, well he breached the cap and was implicit in doing it. Those blokes had total control over what they did - I asked if our coach did? Pretty simple question, but obviously too simple for you as you've failed to answer. So you've gone and not answered the questions and flipped off things as irrelevant, name called and pissed off. Great debate son, good job.


This reply was deleted.

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