Be careful of what you wish for



For Months now Freddy has been chasing Wayne Bennett to shake his hand.

There have been several attempts of Freddy part, trying to shake Wayne Bennett's hand with no success.

Wayne Bennett isn't the one to shake many people's hands so there has been footage of him brushing people in the past especially Freddy Filter. With Freddy's low IQ he finds this quite funny and hasn't given up the challenge with every interview or backstage commentary he still persists making himself look more Clownish.

Freddy finally got his wish in Queensland State of Origin decider when Wayne Bennett finally approached Freddy and offered his hand with not much joy on Freddy's part.

How ironic, for months Freddy has portrayed Wayne Bennett as a Jabronie but as a sly old fox that he is he turned the tables on Freddy making him look like the REAL JABRONIE...




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        • I thought it was one of the kids from Young Talent Time. You know the guy, Toey Jabroni....

          • I remember when Mushy was a bit "toey" in those days they only had roman sandals mind you!

            PS I tried desperately to get Fong into that post!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, where the hell are Snakey and Fongy? 

    That's what I want to know. This place isn't the same without them.

    PS: BB thanks: Jabroni(s) is an interesting one. Also, I recently stumbled across applesauce too; another usual one. And I agree we need to be careful what we wish for.

    • Snakey disappeared for about a month, returned, got a bit involved through the final two weeks of the finals and we haven't seen him for a while..... 

      Fongy has come in and gone every now and then, he is sort of still here, just not regular.

      I even said we missed them, mind you they had been quite gentle with me in recent times LOL 

      • Hey Poppa

        Just had a talk with my punting buddies about SPECIAL people like you who

        I asked them what word would you use for someone who bets and doesn't risk any money.

        The consensus was that the term for such a person is COWARD.

        I bet you're the type of douchebag that stands next to someone at the TAB and cheers for a different horse to the one they have backed even though you don't have any money on the race.





        • Haven't been in a TAB for a while Bam Bam, but I have a number of accounts with corporate bookmakers, does that help your depiction?

          • Bom Bom hasn't caught up with modern teknoledgey if he is still standing in a TAB.

            That drink died off years ago btw Bom Bom, unless you are into Home Brew.

          • Yea you  and fellow rentboys   don't go to the Tab   because Rentboys are not well come. 


      • Thank you, Poppa. Well, hopefully Snake and Fongy are well and will be back in force soon. 

        • Yeh! I think their well enough, nothing from that aspect. How about you everything ok with the young fella.

This reply was deleted.

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