Be careful of what you wish for



For Months now Freddy has been chasing Wayne Bennett to shake his hand.

There have been several attempts of Freddy part, trying to shake Wayne Bennett's hand with no success.

Wayne Bennett isn't the one to shake many people's hands so there has been footage of him brushing people in the past especially Freddy Filter. With Freddy's low IQ he finds this quite funny and hasn't given up the challenge with every interview or backstage commentary he still persists making himself look more Clownish.

Freddy finally got his wish in Queensland State of Origin decider when Wayne Bennett finally approached Freddy and offered his hand with not much joy on Freddy's part.

How ironic, for months Freddy has portrayed Wayne Bennett as a Jabronie but as a sly old fox that he is he turned the tables on Freddy making him look like the REAL JABRONIE...




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  • There is that word again BB,don't be afraid or ashamed of using some of the great Aussie slang insults on here mate ,there are lots of them and most on here would have been called  just about all of them at least once.

  • And it is JABRONI.

    Sheesh, can't even get the slang correct, you Drongo.

    • O geez.

      Please tell me you didn't have a bet with Popping.

    • jabronie


      Wiktionary, the free dictionary


      jabronie (plural jabronies)

      1. Alternative spelling of jabroni


      free - Wiktionary
      • Bang bang, you took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

        You have set yourself up for both Poppa and Sir Col to say they had a bet with each other that you would explain it to both off them.

        Watch out for the hatrick.

        • Lol....Kerry Packer always said there was one Alan whilst Bam Bam may not be in AB's intellectual sphere he is really putting up a contest with his cartoon alternative.

          I noticed you used the term IQ in your blog Bam sure you know what it means, now there is trick in this question and it involves a Jabroni.....can you explain that to us.

        • LOL

          These 2 Jabronies cannot get over the fact that I gave them a clear winner with Queensland winning the series at $4.50. They spend too much time making fun of people's blogs due to their perthitic lives.

          Tell me Browny

          What kind of idiot makes bets and doesn't win money. I'll tell you Poppa and Sir Col do.
          The whole purpose of betting is to make money.
          Only a loser makes bets not to win but to be able to say I won a bet.

          I had a bet with a mate for real money $100, that these Jabronies would reply to this.

          Thanks again my HERO'S

          PLOPPA and Sir Col 


          • HATRICK! yeh, how easy was that!

            PS Bam Bam, if you are going to be "pathetic" learn to spell it......."perthitic" really???

            IQ Test....under 80

            Super we may have to have a special section for Bam Bam blogs and people with an IQ lower than 80......could be quiet a large section when you think about. 

            • It's all good mate.

              You keep them coming.

              Knowing that I've made your day puts a smile on my face. 

              I like to help SPECIAL people out like YOU. 

              So crack open another can and sit back and enjoy your Mash reruns.

              • I drink wine and watch re runs of Boston Legal.....sorry to spoil the image.

This reply was deleted.

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