BA should get a 20 year extension

I hope that BA gets a contract extension for 20 years because that should clear out you ning nongs that delight in finding blame.

Anybody can be a critic but you guys who say you are Parra supporters have learnt nothing from our history and where we have come from....6 years ago the club was totally fcuked.....where we are now is quite remarkable.

People have been talking about our scintillating early form.... before Covid we had a scratchy win over the dogs and late flurry against the Titans.... come back and we beat Broncs....we know how impressive that was now...don't we.

Every other game has been a challenge.....the fact is you have not come to terms with realism.

You don't deserve the competitive team you have now....the shame is with you blowhards....nobody else!

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                    • lol  Maybe you’re  right there. You sound like you are up to speed on this, pun intended. 

                    • I may be a buffoon. In fact I use that one myself so all good. Hilarious? Sadly no, you are another apologist for BA  


                    • Did Brad fuck your sister champ? What's the go? Relax we are coming third 

                    • Trust me, I am relaxed. Coming on here does just that. That avatar of yours with the dog has a certain Mitchell Pearce feel about it, speaking of fucking  

                      Nonsense aside,  you know your stuff, but IMO on this one you are cutting the wingers too much slack. I think Fatthead is spot on in his comments


                    • Michael I've always enjoyed and respected your posts on here. You've been proven right many a time :)

                      For mine, any issues on our wings (perceived or otherwise) are relatively minor.

                      My main concern last night was our halves. I know others like Muttman, Bup mentioned that but what are your thoughts there?

                      I see you mention the disallowed try, but we honestly had so many opportunities to win that game. Our halves just didn't seem up to it. Would the Storm have lost from there?

                      Moses' long kicking game is obviously indespensible  but it's worrying that he seems to be out of ideas in the opposition 20 (Frankie Fong anyone?).

                      You've talked about Dylan and his decision making but one thing I think he really shouldn't be doing right now is kicking much. Mahoney seems to be progressing better on that front.

                      Anyway we're still in the mix with no injuries so hopefully BA is still has some surprises planned. We'll know more next week.

                    • thanks mate same to you :) look the jury is probably still out on our halves combo in my opinion. Not so much Moses - you know what you've got with him now and I think he's a very good halfback, top 3 or 4 in the game. But young Browns capacity as a genuine ball playing option is still a bit of an unknown. To me he's too one dimensional, he either passes right before the line or dummies and goes. There was a clear opportunity on Friday night at about the 20th minute mark I think when an overlap had been created and he didn't give it. Now I personally think he has the ability but at the moment he's holding back. We need to see him progress. Moses plays a role for Arthur now. He's as you say a fantastic general play kicker, he's our organiser and he's tightened up his defence. 
                      Our number one try assist man is actually Gutherson, and he's main go to is Sivo. 

                    • Mick you dip shit, do you realy have to bring his sister into it.


                    • Benny knows I'm joking wanker I don't even know if he has a sister. Why don't you just make another negative comment about the team or coach somewhere else. 

                      Anyway he started it by insinuating I was on Cocaine while posting. To be honest though I'm not sure that's really an insult because if you can afford to be a casual user of Coke these days you are probably doing something right. 


                    • I found it interesting that when they (saints) kicked they had a much better chase, especially spoiling in the air....there tactics were to turn around our forwards and this seemed pretty effective..... Moses has not been running since he came back from injury and I suspect he is only playing as a distributer.

                      I don't know what is happening with Dylan Brown but he is certainly not playing with his head up in this game (saints).....last week he was MOM but I am still worried about how he involves himself.

                      Of course you can have the best playmakers in the world but if players are not going to run off you....then it looks very poor.

                      I haven't said this before....but I am a little worried how happy a camp it is at the moment.

              • Michael, both have not been performing for some time now, we all have seen Sivo at his best, now we are seeing him in a different light, there has been a lot of discussion regarding our right side backs, and by more than a few, regarding the leaving the door open for tries to be scored, and its too regular to be a worry going forward.

                Sivo had a great introduction to the game, yet he has a better defender on his inside that covers a lot of his errors, yet even MJ was down a bit last night.  Sivo needs to learn how to defend his side of the paddock, he comes in and he's too slow in adjusting and getting to the opposition, showed last night with 2 tries scored on his side, admittedly he did try to tackle the drags Fijian winger but could not roll him over.

                Thing is, this is not just a wet night episode for him or for Fergy.

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