BA should get a 20 year extension

I hope that BA gets a contract extension for 20 years because that should clear out you ning nongs that delight in finding blame.

Anybody can be a critic but you guys who say you are Parra supporters have learnt nothing from our history and where we have come from....6 years ago the club was totally fcuked.....where we are now is quite remarkable.

People have been talking about our scintillating early form.... before Covid we had a scratchy win over the dogs and late flurry against the Titans.... come back and we beat Broncs....we know how impressive that was now...don't we.

Every other game has been a challenge.....the fact is you have not come to terms with realism.

You don't deserve the competitive team you have now....the shame is with you blowhards....nobody else!

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                • Even if I agreed with that which I completely don't,( in fact I couldn't disagree more) what's your answer - who are you bringing in to replace them that is an improvement? 

                  • This is where our team is very much under strength as we really do not have much in alternatives, according to the eels team page the only winger we have as a replacement is Haze Dunster, the only other real option is having Taka at Centre & move Blake to the wing.  ATM the only other direct winger is George Jennings but he's on loan to the Warriors.

                    Against Storm next Thursday night I cannot see us winning especially with the side they have and their demolition on the Chooks, putting a rookie in against the Storms wingers is a big call for him, but it could work as something of test for him and see how he handles it. If he was on MJ's outside he has a decent partner who is a good defender to work with. That would fix one side, with the other side a bit harder to fix.

                    All I am saying in this debate is that both our run on wingers are not really doing their jobs, & its not just me that is saying it, and not just eels supporters either but its also raised on more than a few RL programs and other media outlets on the net. I don't listen to or watch any of the RL shows, but enough is put out by dorks as well as decent commentators.

  • I'm a BA fan. I think he has done wonderful things with the club but I must admit that some of his selections are a little bit bewildering. 
    The constant criticism against BA is that he is too loyal to certain players and I would say that BA would probably admit this fault too. 
    It's one thing to say that players have to earn the right to be picked but the coaching staff also has to make sure players are accountable. 
    On present form there is no way that Sivo deserves a wing spot. He may be injured, he may be thinking of Union or whatever...  if he needs a rest for an injury or a kick up the backside - do it now, not later ! 
    The upside is we may get a better product for the finals. 
    Rest Ferguson and Sivo, put Dunster and Rankin in. Surely we don't lose too much in this exchange. 

    As for the old 'fair weather fan' debate, I just don't buy it. Players know that they will at least be held accountable by the fans even if they are a favourite son and that's why it's great to have fans. 
    At the end of the day, we are still here. 

    • I'll try and lighten this whole thing up . I want everybody to gather round take a big breath and wish my old mate the one and only SLUGG A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY

      • Happy birthday slugg !!

        • I didn't know he had birthdays.....he just told me he was a 101 and I accepted it....fair wether old bastard!

    • yeh! but we do have them as every one does....doesn't mean we can't give them a kick up the arse the same way they do the coach and players ...Lol FH

    • FH, I may be jumping the gun but, with our wingers performance last night, I would like to see Dunster given a run, but against the storm, not too sure though. Although, I would think that new blood on one wing might provide some new blood and abilities, would be a huge test though.

    • Just read your comments. Agree. Well said. 

  • Poppa how many times have I told you NOT TO post after you 6th bottle of cheap vino.

    Then again a 20 year extension - WITH ANY OTHER CLUB would be preferable than the fiasco we have with Mr 48%.

    Here you have it in a nutshell

    Rank = 10.


    It was tough placing Brad Arthur this low down the list considering the recent success he’s had at the Eels but he just doesn’t have the track record to back it up.

    Since 2014 his club have made the finals twice and won the wooden spoon once.

    Dementia is dramatically compounded when drunk as a skunk old man.

    (What is that lump in your cheek?)


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