BA should get a 20 year extension

I hope that BA gets a contract extension for 20 years because that should clear out you ning nongs that delight in finding blame.

Anybody can be a critic but you guys who say you are Parra supporters have learnt nothing from our history and where we have come from....6 years ago the club was totally fcuked.....where we are now is quite remarkable.

People have been talking about our scintillating early form.... before Covid we had a scratchy win over the dogs and late flurry against the Titans.... come back and we beat Broncs....we know how impressive that was now...don't we.

Every other game has been a challenge.....the fact is you have not come to terms with realism.

You don't deserve the competitive team you have now....the shame is with you blowhards....nobody else!

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    • That's not a lump, its my brain looking for a drink! lol

      • Did they cancel the races mate? You never come on here even remotely sober on a Saturday.

        • Who said I was Sober??? sometimes I make more sense after a "few"... lol

          Anyway, Karen sends me to bed when I talk no sense.......I am going to bed very early lately! lol

  • Hey settle down mate. I think this team and coach is great but to win a title we may need to tweak a few things. 
    sivo is rubbish 

    cant win a comp with a dope like that on the sideline

    mahoney does good things but then close to the line he always goes the wrong way. He is still young hopefully he can get that right he seems to be learning quickly. 
    Dylan Brown is the next Corey Norman. Too cool for school. Dont worry, once he gets the big big contract you will see. I hope im weong coz i really like him as a fiotballer he seems like a cool kat to me. So i dont know about him in the future.

  •  Toss OF A Coin: I know you love Arthur--you once called him a great coach but then claimed you never did, but you did. But that is old news. Fox, the other night, showed the statistics of Arthur`s record at the Eels. He has won 84 games. He has lost 84 games. That is a win and loss rate of 50 % over 7, or is it now 8 years?. With a win rate of 50 %, you are not going to win anything in any competition. In fact, you could toss a coin and come up with the same result--50% heads and 50% tails! Thus you don`t need a coach, just toss a coin!

    I sincerely hope you enjoy the coming games--Storm, Roosters, Souths, Knights away! And we are to play Canberra away are we not?

    If we win those games nobody will be happier than me. But I fear that the iron rule of statistics will prevail for this year and give us a 50%, or there abouts, win rate for this year. Then nobody will be as unhappy as me.

  • 20 years, would that make him about the same age as Wayne Bennett is now? Imagine the payout if we wanted to punt him. Fact is we need to perform this year, there are no more excuses. I wouldn't trade any of our players so our results rest with the coach. The real test starts this coming week against Melbourne. 

  • You don't progress without constructive criticism. The Storm are the benchmark of professionalism, so until we meet their standard all criticism is valid. 

    • tell your kids that before they turn into "saints"

      Constructive criticism  is subjective to what the criticism entails. Hard for me to be constructively critical of someone  planning an event.... if I do not believe in the event.

      • It's not subjective if the criteria has been proven successful. 

      • So please do tell me how you can be constructive while criticising?

        You either PROBLEM solve or whinge (criticise)

        The PROBLEM is a completely incompetent coaching staff who REFUSE to admit there is any sort of a problem with the team except, "we didn't play well enough"

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