BA should get a 20 year extension

I hope that BA gets a contract extension for 20 years because that should clear out you ning nongs that delight in finding blame.

Anybody can be a critic but you guys who say you are Parra supporters have learnt nothing from our history and where we have come from....6 years ago the club was totally fcuked.....where we are now is quite remarkable.

People have been talking about our scintillating early form.... before Covid we had a scratchy win over the dogs and late flurry against the Titans.... come back and we beat Broncs....we know how impressive that was now...don't we.

Every other game has been a challenge.....the fact is you have not come to terms with realism.

You don't deserve the competitive team you have now....the shame is with you blowhards....nobody else!

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  • This blog needs to be deleted,seriously. Mods?

  • Nurrrrrrrrrrrrse!!!!!

    • LOL I drew in the big ones with this blog.....well the first two anyway!

      Hey Shawnee you have been calling to delete blogs for quiet a few years now....have you ever had a success?

      Alan, Steets of Babylon in the feature tomorrow.....quite apt under the circumstances  .......

      • he's as good as Sivo on a heavy track and he has no second up form.  So that mean he is a special.


        ive loaded up on Off Shaw in the last at Sydney loves the wet and is flying atm.

      • Pop's perhaps you should tell Shaun about the time you were calling for members to be banned from the site by sneakily sending mags to the mods, tell Shaun if you had any luck. 

        • Fongy, Poppa is not man enough to admit his transgressions. He would rather turn on others

          • Francis maybe you should tell Shawn about the time you were leaving the site in disgrace because you could not hold up to your word.

            Finally whats mags to the mods? and you constantly bring that up, but there is no evidece from any mods or Phil Sim.... I suggest you keep to herding the sheep!

            • Poppa, once again you unload on the wrong blogger. You have done this a few times of late. Maybe time to slow down old mate, the radar is becoming faulty. 

              • I tell you what Benny, if i have unloaded a few times lately, I will slow down....but just about everything you say and do is exactly that, unloading on you know what hipocrisy is??

                When was the last time you said something positive or encouraging, whether a player/ coach/ or fan?

                Maybe the kettle and the pot is too long a story for you.

                PS I actually don'tmind you and enjoy the banter but you have to admit, your a pretty miserable bastard in the world of optimism.

                • Call me Dr Doom if that works for you. 👍 When it comes to BA the optimism tank dried up long ago  


This reply was deleted.

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