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Arthur to wait until year's end to make a decision on Hayne

“Yeah look, he’s played well a couple of games since he’s been back (from injury),” Arthur said when asked if there have been any developments in Hayne’s contract situation for next season.

“He just needs to keep going back-to-back with performances and efforts like that and then we’ll see where it get to at the end of the year.

“But he’s more than comfortable to wait and see what happens at the end of the year.”

Arthur added when asked specifically about Hayne’s performance against the Knights: “He was really good.

“The plan was that we thought we could get some opportunity down our left and I would have seen us go there a touch more at the back-end of the game … we needed to get the ball to him a touch more there.”


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I can't see us improving much next year either..

5 things that really need to happen

1: Need a new head coach, a defensive coach, and a assistant coach, Michael Maguire, Geoff Toovey, Wayne Bennett, would be my picks for head coach..Beau Scott could be some kind of defensive coach..Nathan Cayless needs to be sacked from Wenty.

2: Need another board clean out

3: Need a head of football management

4: Need a massive player cleanout.
M Jennings, J Hayne need to go as well

5: Recruitment needs to be top notch
We are lacking size in the outside backs I'd be targeting players such as, C Oates, R Jennings, K Maumalo
We are lacking a quality hooker: we should be going after Seggy
Definitely need some size up front

This is side for next year that I would like to see

1: C Gutherson ( captain)
2: K Maumalo
3: R Jennings
4: B Ferguson
5: C Oates
6: M Moses
7: C Norman
8: Jr Paulo
9: Seggy
10: M Taupau
11: M Mau
12: T Moeroa
13: D Klemmer

14: N Brown
15: Jr Tatola
16: D Alvaro
17: M Nuikore

18: R Mahoney
19: B French
20: D Aukafolau
21: G Leleisiuao
22: P Terepo
23: R Stone
24: O Kaufusi
25: S Faaniga

That's roughly the side I would like big outside backs over 100kg and massive forwards.. this is why Moses n Norman are playing bad our forwards just get smashed every week

Watched Segeyaro yesterday he's not the answer, good sub, just cant concentrate for 80 min, and is too one out.

I agree, segy is not a starter, he is better than what we have and I would take him over king and kaysa but I would prefer we went after koroisau or luke.

Mate Matt Keating would be better than what we have atm.

Seggy is only good for about 15 minutes as a shock weapon.

HKF, I really am mystified that Pritchard was not in the run on squad last night, King should never play NRL again, he was slightly above average for the saints game and had to come off after 70minutes for Smith to blow the game to pieces.

He only occasionally does a different run from the play the ball, his only real attribute is that at times he can make a surprise run and is quick when its only a short run/dart.

If he keeps playing the way he is going I be happy to sign him for 1 year for $500.000 only no more

And I like what I saw from M. Nuikore   last nite played all the 80mis of the game I think that who he's was

Or who ever he was that number 11

If we want to avoid the spoon we need Hayne at FB now.

When your game plan and only hope is "Get the ball to Hayne" but not sure if you want to re-sign him or not...


I thought there was already terms decided for Hayne to remain with the Eels for the next 2 seasons! He’s been the Eels best player all year and considering he’s spent most of the time on the sideline with injuries that just shows how well the other players are going in comparison with Hayne

Actually last night was by far Hayne's best performance since coming back from Dreamland.

That said we stopped using him in the 2nd half - was he knackered?


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