Areas We Need to Improve to Win

Starting to get a bit nervous, I've let myself believe we have a chance on Saturday. It's a big ask, 2nd v 6th and they are a very talented squad. They'll be pumped to try and make up for the loss against Souths.

I'm keen to know what others think are the key areas we need to improve on to beat the Panthers.

From my view:

* We have to be faster and get better control in the ruck. We can't afford to have defenders sitting next to the player playing the ball. Penrith play at top speed and we need to match them. Koroisau will punish any sloppiness in this area.

* We lose a bit in attack with Ray Stone. He needs to dart out of dummy half when we have them on the back foot. The defenders know exactly what he's going to do. As much as possible, he needs to keep them in two minds.

* Shut down Cleary. This guy rarely gets put under the pump for a whole game. I'd like to see someone in his face constantly putting pressure on him all game. We don't really put a lot of pressure on the opposition kicker, we can gain advantage by focussing on this a bit more.

* DB needs to have an influence. They have Luai who is a big part of their game and DB has to be able to counter-act him.

Of course we are going to have to be on top of our usual game with enthusiasm and ensure errors are kept to a minimum. Where do guys think we need to improve?

Go Parra


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  • 1.Come up with a defensive plan around slowing down there back 5 bringing the ball out.

    2.Win the collision in the middle of the field.

    3.Our spine need to decide the result.Wheather it's putting plays on in attack or turning a bad set into a good one with a kick or run.

    4.Defensive communication and scramble tackle like your lives depend on it.

    5.Whenever points are on offer take them it's finals footy.

  • hope we get fair bit of green from refs this time remember korosou 6 again bullshit 

  • Doesnt matter we cant win, all the pundits ,experts, media, even NRL sites,shows ,columns, are saying we cant. Its a forgone conclusion.

    I think we can, but I do know one team who doesnt want to face us, Melbourne. Thats enough incentive for me, Go Parra

  • Just smash them boys.

  • Just one thing- right edge defence. Right edge defence. 
    That's all! 

    • So basically you are saying chase the collision and front load the effort?

  • We need to be physical from the start. We were like that against them in round 25 and Souths did the same. We have to go after JFH and To'o. They are the two guys that drive their side's go forward. Souths limited JFH to 79 metres and To'o to 196m who averages close to 250. You do that, you limit Cleary's kicking game because he's constantly having to clear the ball rather than attack. Get physical with Luai, let him know he's in a game. He's been very quiet lately so you want to get into his head. Also, we have to get some contests on the ball when kicking to Dylan Edwards. He's got mistakes in him, and often when he starts poorly he doesn't respond.

    Ray Stone does limit our attack a little but I feel with Junior and Nathan they provide that width. But I love Stone in defence. There's no easy ruck to win in the middle against us and that then feeds into our outside defence.

    Most importantly though we need to play as a team and not panic. We need to build into the game and be prepared to win it at the death. This isn't going to be a blowout either way.

  • Run harder and Tackle harder for the full 80 minutes. Simple game really

  • ꏹꏹ꒒ꌚ 26 ꉣꁲꋊꋖꀤꏹꌚ 10

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