A good idea quashed??

NRL club tensions rise after proposal to rein in agents leaked

Brent Read

An email urging the ARL Commission to clamp down on player agents and the influence they have in the game has emerged as the latest threat to the fragile peace that exists between club bosses. The email — obtained by The Australian — was written by Cronulla chief executive Dino Mezzatesta and was meant to be signed by club bosses before being sent to ARL Commission chair Peter V’landys and players’ union boss Clint Newton. However, Mezzatesta late on Thursday pulled the email after it was leaked to agents and some of the media. Not surprisingly, player managers were outraged with the tone of the email and the suggestion that they were responsible for creating “divide, distrust and dishonesty” in the game.

Mezzatesta declined to comment on Thursday night. However, the letter that accompanied the email outlined a number of steps the clubs believed were necessary to regulate an industry that causes angst in clubland. Among the recommendations were that clubs no longer pay an agent’s fees on behalf of the players — the clubs wanted the transactions to be paid directly between the players and agents.
They also wanted the ARL Commission to charge agents a percentage of turnover for their annual fees and require them to pay a security deposit of $25-50,000, which they would be forced to forgo if they were to lose their licence.

There was a request for tighter control over agents by preventing those who lose their registration remaining a silent partner in a business while friends or families became the face of the operation.
The letter also proposed that stiffer penalties be introduced for club officials who continued to deal with deregistered agents, and suggested that clubs were doing all the legwork for players while agents enjoyed the financial benefit.
What started as an attempt to rein in player agents was aborted after it became apparent that not all the clubs were on board. Mezzatesta is believed to have parked the plan for now, giving him and other club officials more time to work on reaching a consensus on the way forward.
The more immediate plan will be to rebuild some of the trust between club officials that has been lost over the past 24 hours after a private email found its way into the hands of the very agents it was taking aim at.

The tension in clubland emerged on the same day that Andrew Abdo was confirmed as the game’s permanent chief executive and spoke about a new era of trust between head office and the game’s stakeholders. He immediately finds himself dealing with a brushfire at club level over agents and the influence they continue to wield.


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  • It would be interesting to know which clubs didn't like this idea and why. I cannot see a reason for not agreeing to it - well other than illegal TPA's potentially being made public.....

    The line "suggested that clubs were doing all the legwork for players while agents enjoyed the financial benefit" is telling to me.

  • Bring back "Teflon Todd" he was going to rein in these rogue player agents. I'm surprised the media bothered to print this story considering they get the majority of their scoops from the agents.

  • Move on, dead end here 


    • As usual another insightful comment adding a lot of pertinent things to consider, well done Benny, top form again son.

  • It's still an issue the game hasn't been able to deal with.....some agents literally run some clubs...they have the coach on their books....they have the majority of the playing roster on their books...and they hold the clubs to ransom.

    I'm all for players having professional representation to maximise their earnings in a short carerr but the scales have swung way to far the agent's way and you can't have the tail wagging the dog.

    • The Warriors kicked out all players that were connected with Issac Moses.

      Coach included it was one of many reasons Kearney was let go.

      Blake Green another victim of thee above.

      Im sure not all agents are like this and are All bad Apples in the barrel so there all tarred with the same brush.

  • Who did leak this to the media?. I find it strange that this was reported by a QLD based reporter, if it was a NSW based club that leaked this proposal, why not leak it to a NSW based reporter.

    • WONG again Wong.

      Most journos today may be based in one city but write for several papers in the same corporation.

      What the Sharks CEO should be worried about is who stabbed him in the back by releasing this to the media and agents.

  • It's not too hard to work out that clubs dealing with agents outside the cap rules are the ones not happy with this proposal.

    Hopefully some pissed off agents will start leaking a few interesting insights into some of the 'deals' with the clubs....Cronulla might be 1st off the rank.

    • If Cronulla had any shady dealings, why would they forward this proposal knowing it will piss the agents off. Like i said earlier, i find it strange it was leaked to a QLD based journo, everyone, bar the NRL, knows how shady the Broncos are.

This reply was deleted.

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