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Parra are very keen on Christian Welch and may have a dip at George Burgess again.

Also hearing Newcastle's Herman Ese'ese and Cronulla's Matt Prior.


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  • Yes, no, yes, no.

  • Ye i heard we still trying to get Burgess to but not $2m no more only $ 1,2

    Matt Prior i hope not to old now i dont think knight let Ese'ese go

    And i hope we get Welch and i hope get RCG i be over the moon with Welch n RCG 

  • Welch or Prior would be my picks. Matt Prior would have to be getting on a bit by now though, been around forever. Having said that he never seems to get injured or suspended.

  • Welch, Prior, Ese'ese, Burgess in that order for mine, even then Burgess would be out of desperation and on would have to be very cheap.

  • No to Prior, the days of signing players in their twilight years like Beau Scott, as good as Prior and him are, are gone IMO.

    Welch, Burgess and Ese'ese have a heap of footy in them and would prove main stays at the club.

    We have Gower to play the reliable, old leader style player.

    • If you're looking to bring in 200 games of experience it's hard to do with a player under 30. Those blokes cost a fortune.

    • Why would we be still looking at Burgess?  Seriously every year he seems to go nana's and out suspended, No Thanks besides who in the eels side or many others for that matter understand what he is saying when the mouth goes rampant. Sam is partially able to be understood but an interpretor is needed for the twins.

      A yes for Welch, each of the others are still contracted to their current clubs though. & as for Prior I would rather the club offer Gower another year than the other.

      • We dodged a bullet with the ($700,000 p.a) Burgess deal and are extremely lucky that he rejected our offer. It would be bordering on stupidity playing Russian roulette with him again. 

        A Welch signature would be very smart. He is a no nonsense forward that would compliment yet add something different to our pack plus he's just about to be a rep so is ready to launch.

        Ese'ese would be ok but probably not necessary as we have similar coming through the junior system. 

        Prior, in all seriousness, would struggle to play first grade for us.

        In reality all these names are just rumours at this stage and Parra do seem to get linked with every swinging dick.

        An easy 2 points this weekend boys. Go Parra!

  • Whispers?  Are you serious, this stuff has been posted, reported and everything else for weeks now. Even discussed on this site for a while.  Whispers my arse!


    • No, they’re called farts.

This reply was deleted.

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