4 from 4 but far from perfect.

33 missed tackles

Taka left on bench.. Bludged the whole game What an absolute waste of a jumper and interchange. Forcing others to work harder

Dumb mistakes

We are yet to reach the level of the Roosters, yet still winning.

There you go Frankie we beat a genuine contender whilst playing shit. I await your report.


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      • Lot's.

        I will enjoy the ride. But will always wait till granfinal day and we are in it. Winning


        We are getting There.


        • The team is building nicely, we are seeing something different from this side compared with teams of the past. 

  • Couple of thoughts - Junior Paulo played huge minutes. Can someone confirm, was it 60-70 mins. He played well but just wondered if he can keep that up every week and why such long minutes. 
    Secondly I think the interchange was good and our forwards matched them or got over them until the end. It was actually on the edges they began to cause damage in the last 20. However I think fresh legs in the last 20 are important and will be important going forward. 

    • He played 62 minutes all up, 50 in his first shift, 12 in his second shift. He has an enormous motor for such a big man. He's one of those guys who gets better the more minutes he plays, he gets his second wind and he finds his tempo and he just goes. He's playing bigger minutes this season than even last season, but that seems to be a trend across the league.

      Coaches are playing their starters for much longer shifts and saving their interchanges for later in the game as much as possible. Most teams will have one or two key rotation bench players, in our case it has been Kane Evans & Peni Terepo, and the other two players are almost de facto fresh subs.

  • I know it's a bad stat but makes me feel more confident in losing a scrappy game and fighting for it rather then breezing through

    • It was a great game, why demean it by saying it was scrappy! Fatigue causes errors, fatique comes from effort.....good games and good players cause errors. WE could have run through the Bronco's by 59-0 like the Roosters, but I know which game I get the most satisfaction from relative to where we get our status as a premiership live chance.

  • We were definitely the better side and the stats back it up. We were all over them for at least 60mins, let's hope BA rams home that fact and makes them understand that we play for 80 not 60...

    Where we went wrong at the end was that field goal by Moses (negative play) and not continuing with the pressure. If we get a drop out on the end of that okay or force them to ruck it out then it's game over.

    Im all for field goals when the games on the line with a few mins to go but not with 8 and giving the opposition a chance at a short kick off and potential 6 tackles on the end of it. That decision by Moses almost cost us this game.

    • It was a divider Heisen, we were 6 up and a converted try would bring it into another category, by kicking the field goal and giving us the break, changed the way Manly approached the game.... they had to score twice. We didn't necessarily play our part in closing the game down, couple of costly errors and the game changes, defending 6 may have made them even more nervous. 

      95% of players would have gone for the field goal there! I'm surprised for someone that has seen as much football as you have would not understand that..... in my opinion!

      • Yes very true Poppa . As soon as our lead reduced to 6 points I prayed for a field goal and yelled out " Go for the field goal Parra . Make them score twice !!! " . And when Moses heard me  and kicked it in the air and the ball hit a post but went through for a goal I screamed out with joy " Halelula " . The rest is history lol . 

  • Tell you whos mistakes are starting to become common place, thats Fergo.

    Its not through a lack of effort, just needs to be a bit more present in the moment.


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