4 from 4 but far from perfect.

33 missed tackles

Taka left on bench.. Bludged the whole game What an absolute waste of a jumper and interchange. Forcing others to work harder

Dumb mistakes

We are yet to reach the level of the Roosters, yet still winning.

There you go Frankie we beat a genuine contender whilst playing shit. I await your report.


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      • Here is another of life's erased and denied wayward souls who has been able to pay his internet bill so he can start posting once again . 


        Doomdope69 it's set in stone that stupidity and failure ade what makes you what you are but he fact that you basically think Snake and I are he same person shows how doctors did you a great disservice as a child . 



    • Manly are contenders are they not ?

      We played like absolute shit. Silly mistakes and 33 missed tackles. Yet still won Where is your  giggle worthy report now.

      I await. This will insightful on your life. We can all laugh, as we have all these years.



      • Agree with you bro. Fongy is the biggest clown! 

        • I agree Rusty ,but it's best to be a clown than what you are in life which I'm sure you hang your head in shame over daily. 



      • Chuck I know you are a simpleton security guard but I have  already given my views on the game dope . Chuck how many times have you left the site because you have been humiliated or made a fool of yourself and then returned under a new name ? 



        • I don't know
          Have you been counting
          God you must have such a boring and simple life.

          Glad my actions etc are worthy of your notice


  • If the Eels played the Roosters, Storm or Raiders tonight on that performance the Eels would have easily have lost. I also can't understand Brad Arthur's use of the bench. It's been his Achilles heel since being at the Eels. 

    • Go and talk to Chuck Monto, he will explain the nuances of the game.

      PS I think youwill find Manly are up there with those sides Monts.

      • Are you Ok.

        We are nowhere near on the same level yet as Rooters , Manly on their day, Canberra, Scum   then maybe us. You senile coot. You are a joke poppa. Just stop.


    • I thought his use of the bench was fine. The reality is that under the 6 again rule, most teams are shortening their rotation down to 16 men, sometimes 15 men. Carig Bellamy didn't use his last guy till 5 minutes to go last night. As always Monto, your comments are at best generic & cliche, at worst downright ignorant.

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