• I think you need to take your blue and gold tinted glasses off.  What was your problem with it?

  • I just watched it, nothing wrong with what they said.

    If anything Cronk gives us a red hot chance and Benny Elias believes we can do it also but more because of Moses.

    Even Kent and Sampson weren't laying into Parra but the other journo (can't remember his name) was insinuating that if we lose it could spell trouble at the club..

    • Well hello sailer

    • Cronk came out with the best comment, about BA having no plan b or c.  

      It was Read who mentioned that there could be big changes to the team if we don't win (due to many players coming off contract), conversely it's only a couple for the Panthers.  He also said he can't see the club firing Arthur.

      I thought it was all pretty fair.  I don't see an anti eels agenda with the show.

  • Why do a lot of you complain about the drubbing we get in the media when this site after a loss is the most anti - eels thing going around? 

    • It's like yelling at your own kids, Michael. It's ok for you to do it, but a big no no for anyone else.

  • If nobody watches Fox bins the show.

  • The peanuts on NRL 360 have no idea what is going on behind closed doors at Parra so they make crap up. I gave up watching that garbage last season because the only news they have regarding the Eels is bad news. When the Eels are going great they don't mention them at all. I don't know how many times after an Eels win I waited to hear about the game and if they mentioned it all they talked about was the oppersition. They love the Storm, Roosters and Souths and the way they carry on about Tedesco and Turbo makes me sick.

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