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Hi Eels fans, can I divert your attention from the Saturday night final coming this week momentarily and ask about the squad for 2021? Scanning the press apparently we have 10 places available with squads staying at 30 but I have only seen mention of the Eels being mentioned in the player market in regards John Asiata (NQ). I am sure there is more going on behind the scenes but can anyone shed any light on players we are trying to get to the fix the hole for 1/3 of the squad? Appreciate a few of the younguns will step up but we will most likely be missing from the 2020 squad a lot of experience - Evans, Gower, Terepo, Davey, Stefano with others off contract W Smith, Taka, Salmon, Rankin. Any insights would be welcome. Cheers

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  • Welch and asiata.

    • agree

    • I would add Tyrone May with Welch and Asiata, that would give us great depth, something we will be lacking next year with the departure of Evans, Gower, Taka, Terepo, Utoikamanu and Field. I don't know how far off Hughs, Hollis and Schneider are but they will probably be in the top 30 next year, so we will need to add some first grade experience to the squad. Even Lachlan Lam would be worth looking at, he has great potential.

    • Welch this season has really lifted, but he's also after more coin for next contract, believe the drags have offered a big coin long term deal. Would be happy to see him at the eels though.

  • Still think we should  get Bunty

    • According to lists he has said he wants to stay over in the clouds & see out his contract.

  • Yep I'll take Bunty thanks, less $, got wild man X factor and probs a point to prove like RCG when he arrrived

  • Don’t understand why Stefano & Davey are lost when you look at the talent that’s leaving. How can you not upgrade these two. 

    • Stefano already signed with the Tigers so, in relaity it is what it is. Honestly, not too fussed about him leaving.  Regarding Davey, crazy, not to give him a decent upgrade given what he has shown and especially considering the players we have leaving.  That said, who knows what money Manly threw at him?  Perhaps they offered crazy money after losing AFB, after being released to the Warriors.

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