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Further Blogs on the Hayne Case

After reading through some of the comments on here regarding Jarryd Hayne being charged with sexual assault, it seems some of you aren't aw…

By Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur in Top BlogsLatest Reply


Such exciting times for the club, we are so lucky getting this stadium built for us, even though its been a lean few decades we will be abl…

By Snake 'Say no to Transphobia'' in Top BlogsLatest Reply

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While we’re waiting....

Heya all While we’re waiting for the new site rollout - thanks so much Phil and super!!!— I thought a nice off season poll would be in orde…

By Beer Baron in Parra Blogs

2 1 hour ago
Reply by Beer Baron

First Transgender Contestant to Compete in Miss Universe!

This is for you Snake! First transgender contestant to compete in Miss Universe pageant this weekend: Posted: Dec 14, 2018 TAMPA, Fla. (WFL…

By MontoEel in Parra Blogs

22 3 hours ago
Reply by Matttheunicorn

Anyone else lost electricity?

Just wondering how wide the area is and how long for - if anyone knows We are on the border of Kellyville and Castle Hill and list power in…

By Wile E. Coyote in Parra Blogs

17 2 hours ago
Reply by HKF

Members packs arrived

Just in time for Xmas. Overall not bad, the commemorative coin is cool Hats are pretty bad, look like best and less knock off's. Standard a…

By Webby in Parra Blogs

11 5 hours ago
Reply by MontoEel

Super Rugby signing: John Folau joins brother Israel at NSW Waratahs

Super Rugby signing: John Folau joins brother Israel at NSW Waratahs JULIAN LINDEN, The Sunday Telegraph December 15, 2018 12:23pm Subsc…

By L3gEndTHECROWE3LS in Parra Blogs

4 4 hours ago
Reply by Steel be with you

Xmas Comes Early For The True Believers

By special delivery on this Saturday, I received my Xmas package from the Parramatta Leagues and Football club. This, of course, only for t…

By Robert Lloyd in Parra Blogs

2 10 hours ago
Reply by Offside

Jennings to be sent away. Replace with Semi and Jaryd

Things are falling into place. Nest to go should be Jennings. We will have 1.8m to spend. Get Semi and Jarryd We dont need another prop. F…

By Iknow in Parra Blogs

22 3 hours ago
Reply by Electric Eel

Chinese Health Remedy

My daughter woke up one morning at 4 am  with a very bad headache she couldn,t get rid of with Nuerofin {Sp?} She saw  her massage therapis…

By Tad Living in a world of spin in Parra Blogs

5 2 hours ago
Reply by Enforcer Eel

BA declares Moses the main man

Parramatta coach Brad Arthur has declared five-eighth Mitch Moses the main man following Corey Norman’s exit Matt Logue, The Daily Teleg…

By Bazza ‘Mr ANALyst' B in Parra Blogs

68 56 minutes ago
Reply by Poupou Escobar

Easiest Job In The World?

 Answer : Being supervisor of Easts TPA`s !    Without being unduly insulting, can anyone beat that?

By Robert Lloyd in Parra Blogs

4 2 hours ago
Reply by Matttheunicorn


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