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I know it is has been blogged to death but I am confused about our lack of recruitment . No doubt we are waiting for the other clubs to start shedding players but looks like the big fire sale we were expecting particularly at Canterbury won't eventuate now , Canberra trying to off load joey apparently only one and knights and roosters and sharks more active then ever . We need an outside back , winger and front tower urgently to be competitive again in 2018. The Hayne returning is not the answer imo. Maybe the wash up after the World Cup might see some cheapie players come out way. Love that Garry low from png.

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The Morris twins? LOL

Now, get into a quiet little room out the back as I'm sure you would still argue... with yourself. You don't need anyone else.


Ploppa on the 1eyed site on his phone trying to get THAT elusive 5th comment...

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Good one Grunts.....your adding heaps to the site .....I can't remember if I was wearing anything under that coat....looks like it could be my "flasher" outfit!

When you have more young players (French, Gutherson, Moses, Kritchard, Alvaro, Moeroa, Brown) than old (Scott) in your top 17 you will improve even if you don't buy new players.

You lost me at Kaysa . The bloke hasn't improved in his 10 year, 8 game career .

Based on what I saw after Kaysa got injured last year, I couldn't have him in my top 17.

After he got injured we got Moses. Our success was down to him, not slowpoke King.

Lol Wiz, indeed.
King was fantastic for us and another reason we ended up 4th. He’s a class act, but we need a back up 9 because of the potential for injuries.
Stop giving the guy blowies behind the demountables at sales yard will ya?

Moses is class.

so all you lot whingeing that there has been no recruitment would be the first to complain when that recruitment was second rate?????

I dont understand the mentality sometimes......dont recruit for the sake of recruitment....recruit to make the squad better...

i know i'd rather see a quality inclusion (like a Jenko) rather than a rushed one (like Hiku for example). 

We all know what is needed to make the squad a better one - a prop and a winger......what quality (and at the right price) has come on to the market that would be better than what he have now?

And as others have said, who really knows whats going on behind the scenes?

Maybe we were in the market for some of those high profile transfers but conceded because the greedy player managers thought it was like the old days - "we'll go to Parra, they always pay overs"

I'd take quality over quantity every day of the week and twice on the weekends...

Also, remember we dont have the luxury of a salary sombrero and wealthy benefactors that will stump up the cash - Sharp, Spaghetti and co made sure of that.

Well said Rock

Two issues. We have a fundamentally strong roster - last year's roster made top four and we are retaining most of that team. Finding players who improve that roster, which is what you really need to aim for, is not easy. We're in the position when we need to be selective as to who comes into the side because even a marginally better player, may end up being a net loss if you factor in team cohesion and morale. I don't buy the premise that we have issues with our backline. 

Secondly, there are a whole bunch of chess pieces still being moved around. We need a prop - the Roosters will likely lose a prop if Pearce stays, so we need to see how that plays out. Then of course Hayne's future won't be decided until after the World Cup.  As others have said far more important to get the right signing, rather than just any signing as there are few , if any available players who would make our 17.


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