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He was supposed to be the next big thing but he hasnt improved in 4 years and in fact he has significantly regressed as a player

What is going on??? He only seems to lead the stat line in terms of HIAs only

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I have a feeling the end is nigh for poor old Tep. Such a shame he wasn't used more as a wide hole runner.

He is a big size lad with good hands and offloads... he showed this in his first year ...and the reason he played Australian school boys rugby... I wonder if he is really just lots his way or is it BAs game plan telling him just to bash the ball up and not offload ??

2 offloads in 6 games thats not a good offload.

Meant good offloads in his first year... last year and this year he had played conservative and had bugger all
I agree. Every year we wait for him to go on and play S.O.O but it never happens.
He is the type of player that will leave us and then do great things.

S.O.O you're fukking dreaming what a dope to say this shitt tepai is shit always has been I remember when he debuted I always said he was shit and he CANT TACKLE LIKE HINDMARSH.

He seems too heavy to me and I think it has a lot to do with the changing of his role from wide running back rower to middle forward back to wide and bulking him up. He seems to have lost his agility and runs like Hindy in his final year but he is still very young unlike hindy who was mid 30’s. The concussions are a serious concern for the poor fellas health more than anything else, he might have to quit footy and pursue his shot put ambitions if we haven’t also stuffed him on that front with shoulder injuries.. I like Tepai and I really feel sorry for him.

Tep is still so young. Regardless of what people say about him on this site he’s still been one of our more consistent performers. I definitely believe he’s been let down with mismanagement of his injuries and concussions over the years which is probably aged him a lot more than players of his age group. I think that’s evident in watching how long it is taking for him get up off the ground and clear the ruck. I’d like to see him given a few weeks rest but the problem is our forward depth is shot. If only we would’ve invested some money into some decent pigs instead of that myth Jane Evans.
We do still have vave gower and matagi in RG. He could do with a few weeks rest tepai. Its not like our season is alive. I do agree hes been let down by mismanagement

How has he been one of our more consistent performer's you idoit he has been absolutely shit this year averaging 60 odd meters he is fukking shit and last year he was one of our shitest.

Sportman what an idiotic thing to say 

I think he’s a wide running second rower who hits a wonderful whole much like a Gavin Cooper from the cowboys. Being wasted as a yardage maker in the middle I’m afraid


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