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Undoubtably we are in dire times.

I am amazed where all the personality issues seem to come into the reasoning. Usually seems linked to Hayne, Norman, Moses and now French. I watched Norman and Moses in the dressing room, next to each where they put their gear, talking after the game in a meaningful and understanding way. There is no abnormal conflict there. Hayne is a red herring in the circumstances and French is a kid seeing a dressing room unlike one he has ever been in.

I am not convinced any of this is the cause.

We have come up against a perfect storm (no pun). The circumstances of our defeats have been dictated by a common ill discipline.

To my way of thinking there is definitely something physically wrong with the preparation with the AFL style conditioning. I would not have a clue why that is as I do not pretend to have the expertise, only what I see.

The forwards are not good enough at any level, too slow in recovery, marker defence and roll on....its that simple....the opposition have done their work closing our backline down because they know there is no threat from the forwards.

Finally I am using this terminology of "momentum" refereeing. This season it seems that the referees are so obsessed with their instructions that the only side that gets reffed are the defensive side.

Attacking sides moving off the mark, shepherds and ball strips all go their way. You can only get back into a game if you have forwards that are good enough to turn it around. Parra's quite simply are not good enough.

What's the answer....well BA has failed to see this and address it in any cognitant way. It will most likely cost him his job because of this.

Unless he makes some very specific changes this coming round he will have lost everyone.

Summarise that; momentum refereeing, poor forwards, marker defence and clueless responses by the coach.

It is only human and understandable that the playing group will lose solidarity....a few wins can only help that!

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Extremely well put.

Absolute dribble yet again by Ploppa.

I'm not doing anything Chief, you are!

I think you will get your wish and whilst you have been proven right.....I don't have to like it.....after all I am a Parra supporter first and foremost.

Maybe you are as well, just no one would have thought so the way you attacked it.

You probably could have got me a lot earlier if you made it a more regretful process, some people, lets say most would say you enjoyed bringing him down.

PS He may of brought himself down but you attaching 20 kilo weights to each leg didn't help the process any.

Pops practice these words, 'i was wrong', it wont hurt you saying them especially considering what a right fighter youve been lol

I was wrong for being loyal and following my team and its coach? subjective?

I live with myself very comfortably Snakey....you want me to admit I am wrong, I will tell how wrong I am......I have picked 15 winners out of six rounds of football and I obviously haven't got a clue. Restate that 15 out of 36, that's 10 worse than last year and I was running last then as well.

I know how to say I am wwwwwwwwwrong

You were wrong for getting on your high horse and bagging everybody who was critical of the club and who didnt do it your way, now youve seen once again that they were in fact right all along, and you were wrong, again lol.

No hard feelings pops, just good banter lol, but you have a habit of being a very late learner and giving a whole lot of shit along the way, whilst being wrong all along, then you just go on like nothings happened.

Its very close to TCT denial syndrome if not exactly the same lol

That's a good perspective Poppa. I guess I am one of those who have been sitting back a little stunned at just how this season has turned out. I must admit I did have trepidation coming into this season but more for the reason that Parra since 2001 have usually had a poor season after having a relatively successful one. But as to the point I think you were trying to make.... I like so many Parra fans wanted so much for BA to be OUR man long term and to be the one that brought us the success we have been starved of. As much as disappointment fills me as to just how this season looks to be turning out, it is not so much anger that manifests in me, but a one of sadness, that it is looking increasingly likely that he maybe wasn't the man to get that job done despite such obvious credits to his character as a person. It would have been the stuff of fairytales if BA the PARRA man through and through was the man to get us to the top of that mountain. 

That is just about the perfect comment Patsy.....I think you could change the context somewhat and turn it into a blog......most of the Unicorns have felt this way and are not embarrassed to say so.

You have picked up the empathy beautifully which say's a lot for you as a human being Patsy.

The other thing is when you get old you are much less worried about making a fool of yourself because you really don't give a stuff about what others think.

Your not old are you Patsy?

Well said Pats.

Best post I've seen in a while mate.

Wow I have to agree, patsy that was spot on !

No pops, its just that some people could see it a lot quicker than you, while you were making excuses and were blinded by the unicorn feed bag again, others were worried about what they were seeing and were demanding better, you call that tearing down the club lol, but later when you catch on whats happening all of a sudden its ok to now call out the club and the real issues because youve finally seen the light.

Its a mirror image of the past lol

This is like groundhog day.

I understand what your saying, but I don't think I am calling out the club.

I am not looking to blame, but accept the buck stops with BA and hindsight say's he is failing/failed.

It's just an attitudinal thing Snakey.....you rip and tear and that is something I don't want to do with my club.

You see this is a way of expressing your feelings....that's fine.....some people cry and wail at funerals, others are just sad.....doesn't mean the greaving is any less for the incumbent.

It was only two three weeks back you were still insisting that BA was a great coach. He was never that because there is no such thing as a great coach. There are only coaches who are all much of a muchness. Sack BA and you replace him with someone who is much like BA. What will the new coach do to correct the pottage we are faced with? A new factor, which is raising its ugly head is the decline in the fan numbers going to our games because of the failure of our team. The administration must soon intervene in that situation. Such intervention bodes not well for BA, or for any coach.May be the $10 million deficit of the football department may work in BA`s favour--the administration would not want to increase that deficit with a large pay out to BA, so he stays. You dammed if you do and dammed if you don`t.


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