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Looks like Bennett is being shown the door at the end of the year

If he goes TPJ may not renew his contract at Broncos

Wonder if he would be open or follow Bennett wherever he goes

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And don't forget Bad Boyd Bubby.

They both should retire

If we Tpj i can tolerate the baby as water boy!

If getting TPJ meant having skeletor as our coach I would say pass. 

Haha, Skeletor. Love it!

TPJ with Bennett as our head of Football. ..why not.

If the price of getting of TPJ is having to put up with Bennett, then hell no from me. In any event he’s not leaving the Broncos regardless of what happens with Bennett.

Who needs tpj when you have tim mannah, alvaro and Jane Evans .. BA will show next year how average coaching mixed with average players will beat a good player with great potential and a proven premiership winning coach. 

Gus’s head is more like a football

He's going were ever Wayne's go so we should sign Wayne right away as coach or what ever it takes to get him here

Toilet Paper Jogger? (He follows the Poo Jogger)


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